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Gaslighting: CBS News Wants You to Think Ukraine-Russia Caused Our Economic Problems

Gaslighting: CBS News Wants You to Think Ukraine-Russia Caused Our Economic Problems

CBS News thinks we’re stupid enough to believe inflation, supply-chain issues, and high gas prices started right now because of Ukraine and Russia.

Propaganda at its finest. CBS News thinks we’re stupid enough to believe inflation, supply-chain issues, and high gas prices started right now because of Ukraine and Russia.

They think we forgot all three started in 2021.

It’s no wonder the Biden administration has pushed for war. It’s no wonder Biden all of a sudden started caring about Ukraine. Wag the dog, you guys.

They know a war would make it worse so why not? It’ll deflect the blame from them to Putin. Or so they think.

Article author Irina Ivanova buried hints that the three issues began before the crisis by acknowledging gas prices “could surge even further.” None of this is a lie:

“If Russia makes a run on Ukraine, we could see [oil prices] over $100 a barrel next week,” said Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, adding that average gas prices across the U.S. are likely to hit $4 a gallon in the weeks or months to come.

“That $4 is something we haven’t seen in so long — it would cause shock waves across America,” he said.

A key factor in how hard the conflict hits the economy will be how Russia responds to the U.S. sanctions that President Biden outlined Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Biden moved to cut off two Russian banks, and the state’s sovereign debt, from western financing, while individuals will also be targeted.

Remember, Russia supplies Europe with 40% of its natural gas. Germany gets 75% of its gas from Russia. Putin just needs to flip a switch.

But we’re supposed to forget that gas prices have gone up drastically since Biden took office? The U.S. Energy Information Administration has all the info.

Gas prices remained pretty steady during Trump’s administration. How about 2021?

January: 2.420
February: 2.587
March: 2.898
April: 2.948
May: 3.076
June: 3.157
July: 3.231
August: 3.255
September: 3.272
October: 3.384
November: 3.491
December: 3.406

January 2022: 3.413

Oklahoma usually has decent gas prices. Gas with ethanol is about $3.05. No ethanol gas is around $3.50. I have never paid that much for gas in Oklahoma.

But no. Russia, Russia, Russia!

It all goes to inflation, which “experts” believe will skyrocket if the West passes harsher sanctions or we enter into a full war against Russia.

You know, because we didn’t see record-breaking inflation almost every month in 2021. You can tell just by the gas prices. We documented a lot of the CPI reports in 2021 that detailed the inflation numbers.

Inflation leads us to supply-chain issues. #BareShelvesBiden made its way around Twitter in January. My friend in New Jersey still sends me pictures at his supermarket because it still has empty shelves.

Leslie wrote about the 111 container ships off the coast of California in November 2021. That number broke October’s record of 108.

The situation didn’t get better in December. Officials started saying the situation is now “the new normal.”

Suppliers now cannot keep up with demand and inflation is not helping matters. Yes, sanctions and war with Russia will only make it worse.

That’s the key point: Everything already sucks. The sanctions and a possible war will only make it worse.

But you know if you counter their points they will call you a Russian sympathizer, Putin lover, etc. Because God forbid you speak the truth that the economy was already in the toilet before Biden all of a sudden cared about Ukraine.


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CBS ‘News’….

and Brandon…

and Pelosi and Schumer…

and the DNC…

and MS-NBC/ABC/CNN/NYT/WaPo/Politico…

and the NeoCons and neverTrumpers…

and so on and so forth.

They all think you’re stupid.

Patriotic French shaved the heads of prostitutes who served the Nazis, and paraded them in the streets nearly naked.

Journalists, to your Nikes.

(Brian Stelter, please skip station #1 and report directly to station #2.)

It is the other way around. Joe killed the pipeline from Canada. The restricted fracking. That raised the price of oil. Thus giving a cash infusion to Russia. That makes it easier for them to afford to invade the Ukraine. All the while knowing Joe is weak and would do nothing.

    goddessoftheclassroom in reply to Martin. | February 23, 2022 at 3:52 pm

    I knew that canceling the pipeline was the beginning of the end.

    Peabody in reply to Martin. | February 23, 2022 at 5:52 pm

    Martin nailed it!

    Joe Biden is completely corrupted, and as bad as Hillary Clinton is. The scum of the world owns them both, lock stock and barrel.

    Biden’s only goal now is to keep is rotten son out of prison. He’ll give our nation to the devil to do it.

    As for Clinton: if she comes close to being indicted, she’ll be killed. It’s not so hard to knock off an ailing, overweight bag of sh-t like her. (“Natural causes”, of course. Hell – leave the cameras on – her killers will be heroes!)

We can all see how long t his has been going on compared to the gaslighting.

No, Russia had nothing to do with it. Lay the blame where it all belongs, on the pedophile in the White House.

The US is going to suck in the next war since all the training since the obama administration has been crt and global warming training.

CBS News still exists? Who watches them other than old people.

Yeah blaming anything other than the last maybe three weeks on Ukraine/Russia risk is stupid. That said the ineptitude of the Biden admin during this is going to make several had situations worse, while creating new problems.

Expect the European energy situation to motivate a quicker resolution to terms that more heavily favor Iran in restoring the nuclear agreement. The EU needs to find an additional source of supply to mitigate any potential Russian drop in production to keep things from getting any worse, so they and the US will cave to Iran.

With the price of gas going up so much, that gaslighting must be costing them a fortune…

Well now it is! A weak F Joe Binden Admin that capitulated in Afghanistan opened the door for invasion. A NATO, that Trump chastised for not funding the necessary money to stay viable, will now sit on the sideline.

I am reminded of the Johnson Admin that lied so much about Viet Nam early on that later.. with success… was not believed. So our Defense Dept…. was right NOW… but so ridiculous in past… could not be believed or trusted.

Now would be a good time for Israel to launch their attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

    Could they bomb Washington DC instead?

      Pretty rough on the statues and monuments but they would be torn down sooner or later. So instead of draining the swamp…vaporize it. The idea of F Joe Biden as a “war president” is chilling. This invasion took time to plan and I bet it started with Biden stealing the election time wise. All the he has done to promote Russia…kill XL, complete Nordstream2 and have 7% of our oil imported from Russia…one would think collusion.

Maybe I read an updated version of the story but it plainly says the issues have been going on for the last year and the conflict in Ukraine could make the issues worse. Bad headline for sure.

when the democrats say “Standing up for our principles has a cost” I immediately wonder why “their” principles of equity, trans, etc has a cost because one thing the democrat party is not is in favor of democracy. if you don’t believe it ask hillary and the DNC in the rigged 2016 primaries what kind of democracy that was.

what they are actually saying is “we have found something to blame inflation on”. this is the cover for inflation going forward. until the day the invasion started russia was still shipping oil and may still be for all I know.

The real issue is energy independence and Biden surrendered to the radical environmentalists who are green on the outside and red on the inside on that issue by cancelling the Keystone Pipeline