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Creeping Authoritarianism Week in Higher Education

Creeping Authoritarianism Week in Higher Education

Your weekly report on campus news.

What’s currently unfolding between government and parents in education is unlike anything we’ve seen before in America.

And it’s having a ripple effect in higher education.

Cancel culture is still alive and well.

This was unreal.

You don’t say…


Obsessed with race.

The government of China can’t be criticized?

Getting results.

Goats rule.


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Seriously, Merrick Garland wars the face of every clueless vice principal I ever knew who didn’t know thing one about what was going on in his own school.

Creeping? More like galloping.

The corruption of our federal government is complete.

Garland is getting rich on his tyranny:

Throughout history, no nation or state has ever survived such rot. In fact, it’s a canary in the coal mine that the nation or state’s collaps is coming.


Senators should STOP all legislation and activities until Garland resigns or is FIRED.

This level of corruption and tyranny cannot go without consequence.

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