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Bates College Considers Requiring All Students to Take Courses on White Supremacy, Privilege

Bates College Considers Requiring All Students to Take Courses on White Supremacy, Privilege

“essential part of liberal arts education”

The left’s political agenda will eventually be required at many schools, and this is why taxpayers should never be expected to fund ‘free’ college.

Campus Reform reports:

EXCLUSIVE: Bates College considers requiring ALL students to take courses on ‘white supremacy,’ ‘power and privilege,’ ‘colonialism’

A curricular working group of students and faculty at Bates College is recommending that all students should be required to take two courses that center around “race, white supremacy and colonialism, and intersecting experiences of power and privilege.”

To justify the recommendation, the working group asserts that an “essential part of liberal arts education” is to “critically discern, examine, and discuss the production and operation of difference, power, and equity.”

Professor of English and Africana and member of the working group Theri Pickens told Campus Reform that “each of the faculty on the committee discussed and described the impacts that not studying race, power, privilege, white supremacy and colonialism has on their students. We agreed that students may find themselves ill-equipped for an increasingly globalized society.”

Under the proposed recommendation obtained by Campus Reform, students would be mandated to take one introductory level course and one advanced-level course related to these subjects within the student’s field of study.

“The requirement ensures that all students will necessarily be exposed to discipline-specific training that aligns with their intellectual interests, while committing every academic unit at Bates to a shared process of curricular and campus transformation,” the recommendation states.

In order for courses to qualify under this new directive, they must “situate race, white supremacy, colonialism, power, and privilege centrally and attend to them throughout the course.”


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Political indoctrination at its most effective.

These indoctrination courses are always so devoid of intelligent content that they HAVE to be required, or only the dumbest, most woke students would take them.

From the left’s point of view, the content of these courses is only part of their importance. There’s also the fact that by requiring all students to take them, there will have to be an increase in staff to administer and teach.

For the left, it’s always about money.

Well, it is Bates.

“As reported by The Bates Student, an unprecedented number of faculty and staff are leaving the college for various reasons.”

If you go further into that Bates Student article, you see that there is not mention of vaccine mandates–or of people leaving higher education exactly because of woke culture.

Horrible or whitewash reporting, either way. I do not ask for pardon of the pun.

IF we had an honest accreditation system then schools that become excessively politicized would, to the extent such politicization turns the school’s scholarship and teaching into little more than fancy political duckspeak, lose their accreditation.

But, alas, we have no such system of accreditation.

It is just about the money. More funds will flow to the Africana Department if they can require students to take the courses offered by the department.

You are spending too much money for tuition at Bates. Go and become an electrician. Be an apprentice and take required courses at the local community college.