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The Verdict is in Week at Legal Insurrection

The Verdict is in Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

The Chauvin trial finally came to a close this week.

Certain Democrats were accused of putting a thumb on the scale before it was over.

This is reality.

What is wrong with her?

And then this happened.

Wrong again, Joe.

Crony capitalism.

This should be interesting.


Our awful media.

Downright insulting.

Don’t bother.

What could go wrong?

World news.

Branco cartoons!


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The more I have thought about the jury, I don’t think that they were intimidated by the mob. They were the mob. Just because they were sitting in the courtroom does not change who they are. If I remember correctly, some of them said they had seen the video. They had some preconceived thoughts but said they could be fair. If you have a negative preconception, it is only fair to discount information that is “false” meaning that goes against the preconceptions.
I think having one member of the mob on the jury raised the danger of being doxxed if they even brought up discussion of innocence. Those who remained silent bowed before the mob and metaphorically marched with the mob and thus allowed the mob to rule in the jury room. No evidence of this. Just have seen similar dynamics in other settings such as race training.
No conservative can get a free trial in 2021. We are dhimmis whose existence is at the pleasure of the race enforcers.


Pontias Pilate heard the mob and bent to its will. I expect he’ll give an account for his decision. This jury? Yeah, they will, too.

What evidence that was lacking in my opinion was any testimony of Chauvin having any racism on his part. What was his intent! Kinda reminded me of Clarence Thomas’ quote “ Public Lynching.