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Branco Cartoon – Critical Racism Theory

Branco Cartoon – Critical Racism Theory

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More of a reason for a family to pick their school system carefully, if that is even possible now a days.

TY Mr. Branco, this was powerful.

According to the Babylon Bee, Sesame Street will be introducing a new white Muppet named Todd. And, the other Muppets will blame Todd for everything.

Racial socialism for academia.

The misunderstanding of this issue is why it has not been resolved. There is no race of people who can be blamed for their own misfortune as a group. If you believe in individual achievment, then you should be colorblind, yet we ALL KNOW that we aren’t. No one is looking for blame, that won’t solve anything. But we need to recognize those times when we favor the familiar over the strange, which is an unfortunate but very human trait.