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Time for Andrew Cuomo to Go Week at Legal Insurrection

Time for Andrew Cuomo to Go Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

If Andrew Cuomo was a college student, by now he may have been judged in a campus kangaroo court and expelled. It’s past time for him to resign.

In other news, Joe Biden still has no idea where he is.

This is being done out of spite.

Chauvin trial updates.


They’re not even trying to hide it.

This is a full-blown crisis.

Tucker Carlson is a target of the left again.

Of course they are.

How do you like our new look?

World news.

Branco cartoons!


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What’s the process in NY if a governor resigns? It seems that suddenly all the Dems are piling on Cuomo, and none of these allegations (except the nursing home deaths) are really earth shattering. At the discretion of whoever it is who decides what sort of news is trending, they can be publicized, or ignored.

I am just afraid that if Cuomo goes, DeBlasio will be installed. He’s termed-out as NYC mayor, he is too far left to win an election for governor, but this would be a convenient way to bridge him into the job.

Similarly, the press (even including this article) is all over Biden’s supposed dementia now that he’s smuggled unelectable Kamala Harris into the VP slot. Biden showed no sign of senility in his speech about vaccinations. He’s a jerk, he looked like an undertaker, but he didn’t show any senility. Remember how Biden said before inauguration that he’d step aside if Harris got tired of him, something like that. He was supposed to be gone already! But now he’s gotten tough and is refusing to step aside — and I am glad of it. He at least got substantial support in the election and he won the Dem primaries, but American have rejected Harris almost unanimously in every way we can. It would be terrible to impose Harris on us after all that.