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Legal Insurrection ‘We’re Not Canceled… Yet’ Fundraiser

Legal Insurrection ‘We’re Not Canceled… Yet’ Fundraiser

We didn’t set out to find cancel culture, it found us, and that experience has shaped so much of what will do in the future.

This tumultuous year has proven the wisdom of Legal Insurrection Foundation‘s focus on campus free speech supression and the migration of those problems from campus to culture, and the ‘intersectional left’ building of anti-American, anti-Capitalist, and anti-Israel coalitions. You can support our efforts by Donating Here.

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The cancel culture phenomenon which surged with the rise of Black Lives Matter is an aggressive symptom of an underlying ideological uniformity that has taken hold over a generation in higher education, and moved on from there to primary and secondary schools, corporate human resources departments, and government employee training. Higher ed is the heart of the problem, the training ground, and it’s getting worse, not better.

We have been conducting research for weeks, and will be rolling out in a month or so interactive resources parents, students, and alumni can use to identify higher ed institutions that mandate deeply discriminatory “antiracist” indoctrination and compulsory activism. We also will ramp up our efforts continue to shine a light on and investigate cancel culture attacks in higher ed. Our joint investigation with Judicial Watch of the attacks on UCF Professor Charles Negy is just the start. We also will continue our educational and community building programs through virtual conferences, such as our well-attended Cancel Culture Event. Our investigations of the red-green alliance continue, as reflected in our exposure of lobbying efforts in Congress.

Events beyond our control have cast us into the center of these fights, and we are not backing down. I didn’t set out to find cancel culture, it found me, and that experience has shaped so much of what we will do in the future.

The future also will be shaped by the election outcome. If Trump wins, there will be a historical opportunity to push reforms of higher education, and we will be part of that effort. If Trump loses, the repression will be given a green light to intensify, and we will be part of the opposition organizing to defend our freedoms.

Whatever happens, know that you are not alone:

You stand, seemingly alone, in the breach. But you are not alone.

I am with you – Fangs Out and Full Speed.

By donating to the Legal Insurrection Foundation, you can be part of this fight.

As a 501(c)(3), donations are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law. You can donate by credit card or PayPal at the link below, or by check payable to Legal Insurrection Foundation, 18 Maple Ave #280, Barrington, RI 02806. Our IRS approval letter and Tax I.D. are linked at the donation page.

As always, we thank you for your support.

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Donations tax deductible
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I remember when Jacobson cancelled Gary Britt.

    There is a significant difference between canceling someone and a site ban. Cancellation is total destruction including but not limited to destruction of one’s livelihood / entire professional career and reputation, violence or threats of violence upon one’s person and/or family, and mobs of crazy people screaming for your head on a platter . . . often while doxing the target to ensure people show up at his or her home to terrorize the cancel victim. A site ban is not that. Beside, Gary Britt is still commenting here. Most recently just last month.

      Lucien Cordier in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | September 21, 2020 at 11:01 am

      I also recall replying directly to Jacobson’s comment in which he told Britt he would no longer be allowed to comment here with a list of extremely vile comments containing name-calling, insults and filthy language, mostly – but not all- by that paragon of virtue Ragspierre that were directed toward Britt and other commenters. I asked Jacobson to explain the rules for commenting since nothing Britt had ever posted came close to the garbage I quoted. I guess it was easier to just delete my comment than it was to answer me, or to address his own bias and hypocrisy.

        Gary Britt still comments here and Rags does not, so what, exactly, is your gripe?

        The rules for commenting are quite simple and have been repeatedly laid out by LI. If you somehow managed to miss it, here’s a hint: don’t engage in ad hominem attacks on other commenters or on LI staff. We also do not allow blatantly racist comments or commenters urging other commenters to commit suicide. Other than that, you can say what you want on this platform.

        If you feel slighted because Professor Jacobson did not personally respond to your comments, that’s just crazy town. Do you have any idea how many comments (alone, not counting emails) we get? One man should personally respond to each and every one? What other business owner do you demand that of? Seriously? Do you have a problem at any other business and expect the founder/owner to personally weigh in? That’s not reasonable. Not even close to reasonable.

        If you find our commenting rules confusing, just think about how you might focus on ideas, policy, law, etc. rather than on attacking people. That’s kind of our jam here. And we don’t hide it or make it obscure in any way. Personal attacks, racist comments, and clear spam (I made million dollars just this week!) are not permitted. You can probably work your way around these restrictions if you try really hard.

          Lucien Cordier in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | September 21, 2020 at 12:24 pm

          You’re trying to make it about the rules for commenting and some personal slight on my part because Jacobson didn’t respond to me personally.

          Nonsense. My point is that Jacobson was hypocritical when he banned Britt. And he did ban Britt then, did he not, regardless of any subsequent reinstatement? Then he didn’t simply ignore me, he actually deleted my comment so he didn’t have to address it. He couldn’t address it. What could he say?

          You’re talking around the issue like a pro.

        This is Prof’s web site and he can run it his way. Deal with it or leave. Your choice.

          WELL, as a supporter, I have to say that while he can run the site as he wishes, readers can decide to support this site or not. If I thought there was a lot of banning going on, I would not support it even if I were not among those banned.

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The democrats/left weaponized the US intelligence community, primarily the c_a with john brennan leading the way. They used the DoJ and fbi as political tools to spy on their rivals then attempted to stop and reverse a US election.

Not only does PDJT need to fill the seat ASAP, but I’m good with using the lefts own SCOTUS strategy against them should he be re-elected and the GOP takes the house/Senate. Pack the Court. Pack it with Constitutional Originalists. Cancel the left and their violence, their sedition, their criminal corruption. Cancel them for several generations. Fire up the 1776 Project, cancel the 1619 abomination. Cancel critical race indoctrination and revive Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream. We need a major overhaul of our society, our culture, our country. I want to continue living the American Dream, but more importantly I want to see it passed on to my children. God Bless President Donald J. Trump and God Bless the USA.

sort of related as it involves BLM forcing charges to be filed.
not sure anyone been following the jake gardner case.

I would remove the “yet.”

Donation sent.
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If your comment section put new comments on top it would make it easier to have more conversations about the articles. More conversations equal more traffic. More traffic more money…

    SpaceInvader, the mechanics, layout and limitations of the comments section here are odd, but it is by far my favorite comments section on the internet based on the content.

You may not be canceled yet, but you were unavailable for a while tonight. Beware the Ides of November.

AG Barr is useless.

Senate report links Hunter Biden to ‘prostitution or human trafficking ring’