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Vicious smirkle

Vicious smirkle

Michele Walk has noticed that Alan Grayson is gracing these pages with great frequency, and adds “I hope people are clicking on the ads — nothing sweeter than making Grayson pay conservative bloggers!”

I fully understand sentiment, but … that may create a vicious smirkle.

The more you click his smirky face, the more the algorithm keeps placing his smirky face here, the more you click, the more he smirks, etc.

Where does it all end? What is our exit strategy?


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One perfect ending would be when Grayson’s campaign is not able to pay for all this “expensive” advertising and the Ad Agency placing these ad must end this fund raising venture of his.

However, perhaps it would be better for the ads to continue to run and for his “click” count to skyrocket with a corresponding lack of contributions, a championship fail on his part.

OTOH: seeing Grayson’s ugly smirk is almost painful, only offset by the joy knowing that Col. West beat that peckerwood idiot Grayson.

“What is our exit strategy?”

We stop clicking when his campaign is broke.

I somewhat concur with Doug Wright above: Our exit strategy should be to BANKRUPT Grayson to the point where he can’t EVER run a campaign again. His damaging “progressive” (read communist) views and his slimy attacks were barely tolerable.

I’ll do my part to click on his ads. Grayson is a smirkle jerk.

Prof, I don’t use adsense as I don’t have a blog, I’m curious do they tell you what ads are generating what monies for you? If not, we may not be helping at all!
Meanwhile, our exit strategy is simple, after so long we start reporting the ad as “not relevent” for the website, eventually google will tweak said algorithm ;).

Also it’s worth noting, every time somone says Grayson on the page, it’s likely to make the ad show up probably more than clicking on it (since it’s not a keyword!) So you’ve made it worse!

Writing scripts that’ll scan the page for his ad, and click on it. Over and over and over, for days and weeks, on tens of thousands of web-browser sessions.

Careful about suggesting people click on revenue-generating ad links. It will get you blacklisted. Lo, I speaketh with some authority on the matter.

Yuck, this guy is smarmy and vicious. Needs to be eliminated for good this time.

ConserveLiberty | December 3, 2011 at 10:12 pm

You see ads here? I don’t.

To click or not to click….that is the question…but…his ad is still here so I think many of us are creating that vicious smirkle 😉

Professor, I know that you don’t want to hear this, but most of us have added Adblock to Firefox and Chrome or have activated the ad blocking features in IE9. I only see ads if I use IE8 — which I do not choose to do.

Its the way of the internet. Your blog is much more attractive without the interminable ads flashing on your black header or on the right column.

“Grayson is a smirkle jerk.”

“He’s also a smirkle jerkle, scrubjay. ;-p

A good exit strategy for Grayson should include tar, feathers and a ride on a fencerail to the edge of town.

You can go into your AdSense account and block whatever ads you don ‘t want on your blog, I do it often, because for some reason, all the anti-jihad stuff I blog about triggers adsense to want to place sharia finance ads on my blog or islamic dating services! I’ve also blocked anti-Israel/pro-“palestinian” ads, and, pro-Obama ads, because his face, unless it has been hilariously photoshopped to mock him, both annoys and sickens me.

Several things. I live in the district next to the one Grayson used to inhabit. While I wouldn’t count him out, simply because he’s a multimillionaire many times over, I don’t think he stands a snowball’s chance and will have to pony up a lot of his own money to run. People here became tired of his shenanigans and considered him a huge embarrassment when he was in DC. He won’t be able to deny or think his idiotic and at times reprehensible comments will go down a memory hole. Daniel Webster won that seat and from what I can tell and have seen, he’s been nothing but a gentleman and a good representative. Polar opposite of the smirky nutball. So let Grayson spend his money garnered from years of ambulance-chasing, frivolous lawsuits and investments (hear that OWS?). The less he has the happier I am.

He’s been everywhere for the last few days. It’s like playing a web based version of whack a mole.