Democrats, their media cohorts, and their leftist supporters are in full panic mode as they realize they made a wild miscalculation regarding the rampant, months-long rioting, looting, vandalism, arson, assault, and murder that Democrat state and city leaders nurtured, down-played, and often ignored.

Kenosha, WI appears to be the breaking point for voters.  This coupled with the Republican National Convention’s great success have Democrat voters taking a look at the mayhem caused by anti-Trump rioters and criminals and deciding that it’s in their and the country’s best interest to vote for President Trump in November.

Democrats aren’t just losing white, Midwestern voters; Trump gained nine points with black voters this week alone.  So disastrous are the violent riots that CNN media activists called for an end to the violence due to poor polling, and Biden offered a tepid condemnation of the violence the next day.  He has since issued a more full-throated condemnation of the violence, blaming and even more strongly condemning, Trump.

Democrats have to turn this around, and so far, their knee-jerk reaction is the same one they always have:  Blame Trump.  Social media is ablaze with #TrumpViolence and #TrumpsAmerica threads blaming Trump for the violence turning Democrat-run cities into war zones.

This despite the fact that Trump has consistently condemned the riots and practically begged to be asked to put a stop to it.  Democrat governors and mayors, most recently Portland’s mayor Ted Wheeler, have repeatedly rejected the president’s offers of federal assistance to stamp out the violent rioting.

Indeed, Seattle’s mayor Jenny Durkin hailed the violent takeover of a section of her city and its occupation (called CHAZ, then CHOP) as the start of a “summer of love” and refused Trump’s offer to shut it down.  It took numerous shootings and at least two dead for her to finally approve shutting down the lawless anarchist zone.

After months of ignoring the riots or claiming they are “mostly peaceful” or “fiery but peaceful,” Democrats, the media, and the radical left are attempting to flip the script and are now arguing—with a straight face—that the violent antifa/BLM rioting is Trump’s fault.  It’s a desperate move by a party desperate to gain power in November.

You get the idea.  Apparently, the left has completely memory-holed the horrific violence in Ferguson and Baltimore, also Democrat-run cities, under Obama’s watch.

The right is pushing back.

Democrat representative Vernon Jones posted the following:

Trump tweeted the following:

If Democrats are trying to spin the violence as Trump violence in Trump’s America, it seems they will have no other option but to accept Trump’s federal assistance in quelling the riots and restoring law and order.


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