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The government of Nigeria didn't like the fact that Twitter deleted some comments from their president, so they blocked access to the social media platform. Twitter, which has banned countless conservatives, including a sitting President of the United States, then had the nerve to release a statement claiming that open internet is an essential human right.

Where the divisive and democracy-crushing impact of leftist identity politics meets cancel culture meets shutuppery is perhaps nowhere more apparent than in the rabidly pro-Kamala Harris online mob known as K-Hive.  Questioning anything she says or doesn't say, does or doesn't do, draws the K-mob and its screeching "racist," "misogynist," and "white supremacist/privilege" attacks.

While there are still some on the left (those who have not yet been canceled, that is) who claim there is no such thing as cancel culture, it is a very real phenomenon.  Its goal is to banish wrongthink from every aspect of society and punish with loss of livelihood, career, and reputation all wrongthinkers. Personal and professional destruction is only the near-term goal, of course.  Silencing wrongthink completely is the end goal.
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