If there’s been one standout Democrat elected official who is the face of antifa violence and mayhem in the summer of 2020, it’s been Portland, OR, mayor Ted Wheeler.  He’s allowed antifa to run rampant in parts of Portland for years now and has looked the other way as they block streets and terrorize the citizens of the city.

The still ongoing Portland violence went national with the death of George Floyd at the end of May, and Wheeler, like many Democrat governors and mayors, let his city burn.

In July, Wheeler attempted to join the “mostly peaceful” protest and was shouted down by rioters as he simultaneously claimed, while standing in the glow of the fires set by antifa arsonists, that there was no reason for federal law enforcement to forcibly disperse the crowd.

Maybe he should have listened more carefully because these antifa/BLM activists have repeatedly and very clearly stated their demands, one of which includes “fascist” Wheeler’s resignation.  They are not interested in putting and/or keeping Democrats in power; they want to tear down the entire political, legal, government, and judicial structure of the country.  Their goal is Marxist revolution followed magically by a communist utopia. Because that always works out so well.

On Friday, Wheeler, again attempting to placate the mobs he’s nurtured and protected for years, issued the following in rejection of President Trump’s offer of federal assistance in riot-torn Portland.

The radical leftist mobs responded by camping out in the lobby of his apartment building, vandalizing it, and refusing to leave until he resigns . . . after first caving to a now-familiar list of demands that includes abolishing (not defunding, as Democrats cynically pretend is the goal) the police.

It’s very difficult to rise above a powerful sense of schadenfreude (or I imagine it would be difficult if I were to try).

Appeasement does not work with radicals bent on revolution, and that fact is being driven home for Wheeler as antifa/BLM activists “occupy” the lobby of his apartment building and amass outside it terrorizing its residents.


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