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Last spring when the radical left was toppling historic statues around the country, a man named Chris Green was severely injured when a falling statue landed on his head in Virginia. Green suffered a coma and now has had to relearn to walk and eat. He lost sight in one eye, hearing in one ear, and saddest of all, can no longer remember the childhood of his own kids.

Rioters have been terrorizing Portland, OR, for like what? Almost a year now? Remember when Mayor Ted Wheeler turned away help from President Donald Trump? Remember when Wheeler exploded when Trump sent in troops to protect federal buildings and property? Wheeler finally admitted the rioters want nothing more than to burn and destroy the city. It's precious that he acts like this is completely brand new!

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) told Minnesota rioters to "stay in the street" and "get more confrontational" unless the jury finds Derek Chauvin guilty of murdering George Floyd, not just manslaughter. Republicans demanded she be censured and condemned Waters for her remarks. The Judge in the Derek Chauvin case said Waters' comments may result in any conviction "being overturned” on appeal

A young black man named Duante Wright was shot and killed by police in Minnesota this week. He was pulled over for expired tags on his vehicle when police discovered he had an outstanding warrant. Wright resisted arrest and attempted to escape. A female officer who claims she meant to tase him ended up shooting him instead. Such mistakes, while not common, apparently have happened numerous times in the past:
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