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“Free” College for Everyone Week in Higher Education

“Free” College for Everyone Week in Higher Education

Your weekly report on campus news.

Great news everyone. Free college and the cancellation of all college debt will only cost $2 trillion dollars.

Won’t it be great when this is available to everyone for free?

It seems like such a welcoming environment.

What could go wrong if no one has to pay?

Gibson vs. Oberlin updates.

You’re going to need it.


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So if the dems want to forgive student debt what kind of kickback do I get for the 3 BS, MA, MS and S.Ed. that I have paid for me and my family?

My Wife’s BS was paid by her parents, I put myself through college paying my own way and it took 10 years to get my BS. I paid for my wife’s MA and S.ED. I paid for both of my children’s BS and for my daughter to get a MS. All of these degrees were in marketable fields of study.

These dumbasses who borrowed money for useless degrees need to pay their debts.

When all college is free when will there be pressure to give everyone a participation diploma. A high failure rate could be grounds for bias, racism, etc. Since everyone can get a diploma, college eventually means nothing.

inspectorudy | June 29, 2019 at 12:01 pm

Can anyone think of one thing that is “Free” that has any value? Some moron who goes to a college and takes up “Women’s rights” for four years and racks up $150,000 in student loans wants you and me to pay for it? Why would we agree to do that? If that same student had bought a used Yugo car and it went bust should we pay for that too? My daughter has been paying off her student loan month by painful month and she would just be out of luck if this were to pass. There are hundreds of thousands like her. This idea is almost as bad as reparations! Throw in no borders, free healthcare for illegals, Medicare for all, reparations, no ICE or border patrol, doing away with the electoral college and I think we can say hello to another four years of POTUS Trump!

‘Free’ tuition should only apply to post-graduate STEM fields with a six year commitment to the military following graduation. Liberal arts colleges should offer scholarships to all students.

In all cases, the arrangements should be strictly between the schools and its students. If the indoctrination is worthwhile, the indoctrinationists should have no trouble raising private funds to pay for it.

The colleges they are talking about are State institutions. How exactly is this to work? Many States have an extremely difficult time maintaining the schools as it is. Once the Feds start paying tuition, the cost of credits will sky rocket just like it did with Pell Grants and Loans……but far worse than anyone can imagine.
Think about this: UCLA was just discovered to be hiding $1B all the while screaming poverty. Univ of Wisconsin has been found to be hiding $1B, 207M all the while claiming it needed a tuition raise.

Whatever happened to personal responsibility? So you want me to pay for your bad choices????? I don’t think so.

I really like the idea of a $ 1.7 trillion debt cancellation.

Dividing via the safari divider yields some $ 5000/person, for arithmetic wealth-spreaders, of which I am one.

Let us suppose Ernie issues tickets. Ernie issues $5000-tickets to aliens, unalienable, hell, issue them to the goddamn Chinese. (Social democracy rocks out of borders.)

Ernie Issues 330-million goddamn tickets. Ernie would Issue goddamn tickets equitably. Every goddamn person in Amerika gets a goddamn Ernie-icket, a goddamn negotiable Ernie ticket, a tender-able $5000 negotiable Ernie ticket, a goddamn debt-canceling goddamn Ernie ticket.

A Transferable. Goddamn US govt-Ernieissued, negotiable ticket.

How will you, each of you post-and-thread-bearers, LI bearers negotiate, spend that equitable
Ernie-$ 1.7 x 10e12?

Jointly, my household will qualify for $10,000. I’m gon’ buy myself a very expensive turtle I’ve always wanted.