She put this out on Twitter and then deleted the tweet when people noticed the seeming conflict of interests.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Sanders Senior Policy Adviser Advocates College Debt Forgiveness, Has 180K Debt

A senior policy adviser to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) is advocating college debt forgiveness while also holding $180,000 in debt.

“I am $180k in debt. I have a PHD and am a tenured professor — my students are in the same boat, sinking in debt. I pay $1100/month in student loan debt, half of my rent. We MUST #CancelStudentDebt. Wall St got bailed out, what about us?! #bernie2020 @BernieSanders,” Heather Gautney tweeted.

Gautney refers to herself as a “senior policy advisor” to Sanders on her Twitter bio. According to the bio on her publisher’s website, she is an associate professor of sociology at Fordham University, “was a senior policy advisor to Senator Bernie Sanders in the US Senate Budget Committee,” and currently “is the Executive Director of Our Revolution,” a progressive organization which developed out Sanders’s 2016 campaign. Her faculty page on Fordham University’s website says she “is on leave working as a senior policy advisor to Senator Bernie Sanders, the ranking member of the US Senate Budget Committee.”

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