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War on Free Speech Week in Higher Education

War on Free Speech Week in Higher Education

Your weekly report on campus news.

The one upside of the violent attack at UC Berkeley is that the issue of free speech on college campuses is finally getting the attention it has needed for a long time.

This has clearly gotten Berkeley’s attention.

The victim is using the spotlight for good.

Even Trump has gotten involved.

Ted Cruz, too.

Compare and contrast.

Here is the problem.

This needs to happen all over.

The lunacy can’t go on forever.

A woman with guts.

Another one bites the dust.


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The fact that Greenberg was arrested and charged for the assault surprised me. But this is “Berserkeley” , an overgrown insane asylum striving to be a miniature North Korea. At some point I fully expect normal Progressive corruption to assert itself and Greenburg to get only a slap on the wrist or walk away entirely.

I also suspect that he will get a complete pass and walk away clean. The DOJ could come in with a Civil Rights violation though and waiting for that is going to be like waiting for the next ice age. The DOJ already whiffed on Professor Bike Lock.

Greenburg could be described as a spoiled brat…if he was 11 years old…but he’s not. In reality, he’s a dangerous thug who should have to answer for his thuggery.

Connivin Caniff | March 9, 2019 at 1:25 pm

I don’t like shooting threats made on a college campus or any other public venue.

It’s not really a war on free speech, but one of many battles the leftist elites are initiating in their goal of fascism.

Crony-communism pays extraordinarly well, if you are one of the elites. Just ask Crooked Cortez.

The dumbassity of this dumbass makes regular California dumbasses look like brilliant dumbasses.