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Suspect Arrested for Attack on Conservative at UC Berkeley

Suspect Arrested for Attack on Conservative at UC Berkeley

“UCPD will formally present the case to the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office for consideration of the filing of criminal charges.”

In February, a member of the conservative student group Turning Point USA named Hayden Williams was physically attacked on the campus of UC Berkeley. Now the suspect has been arrested.

Emilie Raguso of Berkeleyside reports:

UCPD makes felony arrest in assault caught on video on UC Berkeley campus

Campus police have announced an arrest in the felony assault case involving a man caught on video punching another man on the UC Berkeley campus last week.

The University of California Police Department announced the arrest by email at 2:10 p.m. Friday. Police said UCPD arrested Zachary Greenberg on a warrant involving a Feb. 19 assault on Sproul Plaza. Police said last week that they had identified the suspect in the case but did not release his name until Friday.

Videos of the incident went viral last week after they were shared by conservative groups and figures calling the assault a leftist attack on students’ free speech. UC Berkeley has said that neither man is a Cal student.

Celine Ryan and Jon Street of Campus Reform have more details:

“Today, an Alameda County Superior Court Judge issued a warrant for the arrest of the suspect in the matter involving a February 19 assault on Sproul Plaza. Zachary Greenberg was arrested by the University of California Police Department (UCPD) on the warrant and booked into jail at 1 p.m. UCPD will formally present the case to the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office for consideration of the filing of criminal charges. Once the matter is presented and reviewed by the District Attorney’s Office, additional information will be made available regarding a charging decision,” UC-Berkeley said in a statement Friday.

According to information obtained from Alameda County public records, Greenberg is 28 years old. He was booked into the Glenn Dyer Detention Facility in Oakland, California at 2:27 p.m. local time on Friday. Greenberg’s arraignment is scheduled for Monday at 9 a.m. local time. His bail was set at $30,000. Jail records show that Greenberg was charged under California Penal Code 245(A)(4) F, which is classified under assault and battery.

According to one section of the code, “any person who commits an assault upon the person of another by any means of force likely to produce great bodily injury shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for two, three, or four years, or in a county jail for not exceeding one year, or by a fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000), or by both the fine and imprisonment.”

Here’s a video report from ABC 7 News in San Francisco:

Mr. Greenberg should hire a good lawyer, because if he is the attacker in this video, it is pretty clear what happened:


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The thug still gets a trial by a jury of his peers in Berkeley. Frightening thought. That jury may very well acquit.

    rightway in reply to dystopia. | March 2, 2019 at 10:17 am

    Doesn’t matter, he will get community service and probation. Since the victim is conservative white male.

    Tiki in reply to dystopia. | March 2, 2019 at 4:58 pm

    California/Berkeley enforce Sanctuary City and Jan Crow town law statutes.

    Maximum five days community service. Maga face punching is deemed community service resulting in 1/5 days served.

    Gavin Newsome will grant a pardon come Jan. 1 2020.

    Andy in reply to dystopia. | March 3, 2019 at 1:14 am

    Justice won’t be served by the criminal suit. He should file a civil suit and go for punitive damages.

Connivin Caniff | March 2, 2019 at 10:15 am

One scary additional thing is that on the video it sounds like he says “I’ll shoot you.” If that is what he said, in the current environment that should be grounds to ban him from every educational campus and a slew of other vulnerable venues.

Mr. Greenberg should hire a good lawyer…

All the big leftist SJW lawyers in California are probably lining up to take his case.

He’s a hero for punching a conservative, they can’t have him in jail.

The “bike lock” attacker from a couple years back got a slap on the wrist. This guy will probably get a “tsk, tsk” lecture and a commendation certificate suitable for framing.

Hate crime.

    Milhouse in reply to RITaxpayer. | March 2, 2019 at 10:18 pm

    No. As defined in California Penal Code section 13023, a hate crime is any criminal act or attempted criminal act motivated by hatred based on race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability. Political opinion isn’t on the list.

Well, a red hat would have made him “triggered” isn’t that the new excuse for punching people?
I hope the victim hires a dozen expensive lawyers and prevents this guy from getting away with it. Sad that not a soul stepped in.

What those goons need is sone serious jail time, not any slap on the wrist three year term. A term of 10 years would make people think a bit about what they are doing. But then again, lefties aren’t criminals, just conservatives. Especially, Donald Trump supporters.

It’s claimed the violent suspect wasn’t a student at UC-B. I wonder what his business was on campus that day?

I also wonder how deep one has to scratch the surface in order to find some connection between this violent suspect and antifa?

Or perhaps his infamy will make him the future poster boi for antifa recruitment…

I’m surprised Hayden Williams wasn’t arrested and charged with heading butting that guy’s fist?

Any bets on whether he gets a misdemeanor plea deal for no jail time?

texansamurai | March 2, 2019 at 2:48 pm

after viewing the video, what other conclusion is possible other than the perp committed an assault?

as usual, these leftist cowards pick a soft target–it is really a shame that someone didn’t step up and put the little bastard in the hospital

So what are the odds that the DA will prosecute? By which I mean, how poor are those odds?

    amatuerwrangler in reply to JBourque. | March 2, 2019 at 4:09 pm

    Not to quibble, but the DA has decided to prosecute. In CA, with the alleged perpetrator not-in-custody, the case is presented to the DA who evaluates the total package and makes the call. If it is “yes, we prosecute”, the paperwork is filed and the material presented to a judge for the warrant. [If “no”, the investigator leaves the office with his tail between his legs.]

    In this case the material was presented and the DA agreed to prosecute, hence the arrest warrant. From the time frame of events, it looks like the cops did a “walk-warrant” (police lingo there) where they hand carry the case through the system, including taking the paperwork to the judge, rather than leaving it to wind its way through the system.