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University’s ‘Hawaiian Day’ Deemed Culturally Insensitive

University’s ‘Hawaiian Day’ Deemed Culturally Insensitive

“after doing research based off of the essay written by the initial complainant”

This happened at the University of South Dakota Law School. Can you blame people in South Dakota for wanting to celebrate Hawaii in winter?

The College Fix reports:

‘Hawaiian Day’ party deemed offensive, leis banned as ‘culturally insensitive’

The Student Bar Association of the University of South Dakota School of Law was told by administrators their “Hawaiian Day”-themed party was offensive. In response, the student organization changed the theme to “Beach Day,” the Argus Leader reported.

The association sent out a Facebook message apologizing for the event, but added they were still going to hand out flower leis — until they were advised that was also culturally “inappropriate.” So they nixed those, too.

The administration’s heavy-handed approach to this party — which aimed to bring a little sunshine to a state dealing with frigid temps — came less than three months after the Board of Regents approved a new policy designed to protect free speech.

The Argus Leader reported:

In the same message announcing the change from Hawaiian Day to Beach Day, members were told that the dress code was the same – floral shirts – and that leis, the traditional flower garlands that are often given to tourists in Hawaii, would also be handed out. But in a second message that went out to members on Wednesday, bar members were told that leis had been nixed from the event.

“It was determined that these are culturally insensitive by the administration after doing research based off of the essay written by the initial complainant,” the message continued, according to the Leader.


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They should have had a toga party. It’s still insensitive but that’s not the part that the professional malcontents will complain about.