More Republicans need to speak out in this way, especially when Democrats demand free college for everyone. Why should taxpayers fund political indoctrination centers for the left?

The Washington Examiner reports:

Ted Cruz calls universities ‘nutty’ and ‘socialist’ for avoiding controversial speakers

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, called university leaders who decline to host controversial speakers “nutty” and “weak” in an interview Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference, saying the censorship was to avoid debate over failed socialist ideas.

“You look at what is happening at our universities where they’ve really gone nutty,” Cruz said in an interview with the Washington Examiner’s Larry O’Connor, criticizing campuses for what he described as shutting down free speech. “It’s really a sign of weakness.”

Cruz labeled university leaders who censor speech “socialists” and said they do not want to have a real debate over policy because they know their ideas have failed.

“The socialists don’t want to actually talk about substance because their ideas don’t work. Socialism has produced poverty and suffering for billions across the planet, so they can’t defend it on the merits,” said Cruz.

Speakers at the conference, which brings in top conservative activists and politicians nationwide, have taken aim at a Democratic Party they say has taken a turn to the left. Cruz’ appearance at CPAC Friday included a discussion with National Review’s Rich Lowry on the main stage, in which Cruz called Democrats “bat-crap crazy.”


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