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Meet some of the people the UN calls “civilians” killed in Gaza border clashes

Meet some of the people the UN calls “civilians” killed in Gaza border clashes

Joe Truzman presented his findings, which are at odds with a UN Report, on the identity of many of those killed — they were military members of terrorist groups including Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

We have extensively documented how the supposedly “peaceful protests” at the Gaza-Israel border fence are, in reality, Hamas and Islamic Jihad military terror operations using some civilians as cover, including women and children.

The so-called ‘Great March of Return’ is turned on and off by Hamas as its needs require. See our prior posts for images and video:

Over 80% of the Gazans killed at the border have been military members of terrorist groups, the best evidence that these are not really civilian protests. Even some of the “children” involved, and who have been killed or injured, were teenage military members of terrorist groups.

Joe Truzman has been a leader in documenting the identity of the terrorists involved at the border, and the violent actions directed at Israel, as we noted in Meet Joe Truzman, our go-to source on Gaza and Palestinian terror groups.

Increasingly, Joe is being recognized for his work, including by UN Watch, which fights anti-Israel bias at the UN, including the UN Human Rights Council. UN Watch organized an alternative program on the day the UN Human Right Council was holding another on of its anti-Israel hatefests. This most recent hatefest included release of a biased report about the Gaza border protests and the death of Palestinians, portraying the events as civilian protests.

Joe’s presentation included some of his research into individuals listed in the UN report, and how the UN did not disclose the military terrorist memberships of those involved. You can read Joe’s testimony at his Ground Brief newsletter (to which you really should subscribe), excerpts of which are below. The full video of his presentation is at the bottom of this post.

On Monday morning, I presented evidence of militant activity at the March of Return at a UNWatch side-panel at the United Nations. The United Nations was debating several reports and resolutions against the state of Israel. One of those reports was the United Nations Committee of Inquiry on the March of Return.

I’ve been following and researching militants groups in Gaza since the start of the 2014 Gaza war. This began as a hobby for me which soon turned into a full time job. I use open-source material to gather data points from the Gaza Strip. Over time, I observed how militant factions operated in Gaza and learned about their presence on social media. When the March of Return started, I noticed gaps between what was happening on the ground at the border and what was highlighted in the press.

Specifically, Palestinian border units that were active in infiltrating through the security fence, also launched incendiary kites and explosive-laden balloons into Israel. This is when I started to publish my research and analysis online about the militants….

I gathered evidence of units formed by Palestinian militants who were active at the border. These units are primarily responsible for infiltrations through the security fence, launching of explosive-laden balloons towards Israel and the use of explosives at the border.

Regarding the UN Committee of Inquiry report, I used a similar method as with the AP report. Using open-source material, I cross-referenced names of Palestinians mentioned in the report to see if there were any errors or inconsistencies.

Joe then goes through several examples. Here is just one of them:

Subject 4: Ahmed Sha’ar

A section of the COI report covered children killed by IDF gunfire. Ahmed Sha’ar was noted as a child killed by the IDF on May 14th. A fact the COI missed was his role as a fighter in Saraya al-Quds, the military wing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

After these several examples, Joe summed up the glaring omission from the UN report:

The COI report stated it did not find evidence of armed Palestinians at the March of Return. I researched this and uncovered this to be false.

There are more militants killed at the Gaza border that I have not mentioned in my findings.

There are also militants I haven’t mentioned who are members of Palestinian border units who are currently active at the security fence.

Militants are involved in demonstrations, riots, infiltrations and other acts of violence at the security fence. At least five militants killed at the March of Return are mentioned in the COI report without reference to their militant backgrounds. Some children in COI report were members of militant groups. Contrary to COI report, Palestinians present during March of Return demonstrations/riots were armed.

I hope my presentation has shed light on militant activity at the March of Return and regarding information missing from the COI report.


Here is the video of Joe’s presentation.

Here’s an alternative view which includes the images projected on the screen behind Joe.


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The UN has NO credibility whatsoever in connection with any Israeli-Palestinian issues.

Even those not documented as formal members of an organized militia, merely by their participation in the riots, which are enemy military operations, have the legal status of enemy combatants and thus fair targets. There are no civilians at these things, any more than there are civilians on a battlefield. Even if their only function is as human shields, that is a military function.

Crying tears over the harm to victims of oppression that are actually combatants of a terrorist organization. In this case, ignorance is not bliss, but harmful. On the other hand, would it matter to those with IDS, Israel Derangement Syndrome?

They were peaceful moderate Muslims, turning their lives around.

harleycowboy | March 21, 2019 at 1:15 pm

Technically they are “citizens” of some country. They just belong to a terrorist organization which the U.N. refuses to acknowledge.

    Milhouse in reply to harleycowboy. | March 21, 2019 at 1:20 pm

    No, they (residents of the Gaza Strip) actually aren’t citizens of anywhere. Their grandparents were citizens of the British Mandate for Palestine, but that disappeared in 1948. They’re stateless people.