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PHOTOS: Most Palestinians killed at Gaza border clash were terrorists

PHOTOS: Most Palestinians killed at Gaza border clash were terrorists

Hamas mourns 5 of its members, including senior commander, while at least 10 killed are confirmed terror group members

Hamas organized a “March of Return” to storm the Gaza border with Israel. Tents were set up for thousands of people near the border.

As usual, Hamas used women and children as human shields for military operations.

The military leader of Hamas was blunt about the objective being to breach the border:

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar joined mass protests along the Gaza border Friday, warning Israel that it should take heed of the tens of thousands of Palestinians demonstrating for the right to “return” to Israel.

In a fiery message, Sinwar called on those “besieging” the Gaza Strip to “recalculate” their position and absorb the message emanating from the protest.

If they are hungry, the people of the Gaza Strip will “eat the livers of those besieging” the coastal enclave, Sinwar warned, using an Arabic idiom that means to take revenge on someone….

The “March of Return,” Sinwar added, ” affirms that our people can’t give up one inch of the land of Palestine. The protests will continue until the Palestinians return to the lands they were expelled from 70 years ago.”

The Hamas Al Qassam Brigade tweeted how children were brought out as part of the event.

A Palestinian propaganda “news” outfit, Quds News, also celebrated the involvement of children:

(added) The leader of Hamas has honored the boy in the image above and praised the participation of children:

(added) I saw these photos circulating on Twitter, but didn’t originally include them in the post because I couldn’t verify the location and time. But now I have. The Palestinian Maan News Agency posted these photos of Hamas leaders marching holding a child. It’s obvious why. For leadership to expose themselves in the wide open like this would be dangerous, so they held a child as a human shield. The man with the white beard appears to be Hamas security chief Tawfiq Abu Naim. The man holding the child appears to be Hamas Interior Minister Fathi Hamad, recently designated by the U.S. as a “Global Terrorist.”

Many in the crowd of approximately 20-30,000 surged towards the border, chanting to kill the Jews.

Hamas used the cover of women and children to try to infiltrate terror cells into Israel. This video, released by the IDF, shows one such infiltration attempt that was stopped:

As the events unfolded, and the crowds attacked the border fence and Israeli soldiers at the border, over a dozen people reportedly were killed (I’ve seen numbers from 15-18). The international media, as it did in 2014, simply took Hamas officials’ media directives to portray the people killed as innocent civilians, and accepted without question inflated injury numbers.

Here are 15 of the people killed. Notice they are all military age men, despite the photo proof that there were many women and children in the vicinity.

It already has been documented that most of the killed were Hamas operatives or members of other terror groups:

Here is the current known list, which almost certainly will grow (via IsraellyCool)(note, transliterations from Arabic for names can vary):

  1. Masab Salul, a 23-year-old resident of Zuwayda, a member of the military wing of Hamas. Carried out a shooting attack against IDF forces along with another terrorist in the northern Gaza Strip.
  2. Sari Abu ‘Odeh – 28 years old, resident of Beit Hanun, Hamas military activist in the Beit Hanoun Battalion, active in Nohba.
  3. Jihad Farina, 35, resident of Sheikh Radwan, commander of a company in the military wing of Hamas.
  4. Ahmad ‘Odeh, 19 years old, resident of Gaza City, Hamas military activist in the Shati Brigade.
  5. Hamdan Abu ‘Amseh, 25, a resident of Beit Hanoun, a Hamas operative.
  6. Mahmoud Rahmi, 33, a resident of Saja’iya Turkman, a Hamas activist.
  7. Muhammad Abu ‘Amru, 27, a resident of Saja’iya Turkman, a Hamas military operative in excavating terror tunnels.
  8. A’ Fatah ‘Nabi, 20, resident of Beit Lahiya, active in the military wing of Hamas.
  9. Ibrahim Abu Sha’er, 29, a resident of Rafah, a global jihad activist.
  10. Jihad Zuhair Salman Abu Gammus – 30 years old, resident of Bani Suheila, an activist of of the terror group al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades.

(Image via IDF Spokesperson Twitter)


Hamas’ Al Qassam brigade announced the death of 5 of its members, including a senior commander, on its website:

Here are some of the photos Al Qassam posted honoring its martyrs:

It’s notable that one of the Hamas members killed, Mohamed Abu Amr, is being portrayed on social media as a gentle sand artist:

Here’s the Qassam Tweet about him:

Once again, Hamas expertly plays the international media, some of which is corrupt and biased, the rest of which is lazy. A.F. Branco summed up the media bias perfectly in 2014:


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“The IDF responded with tank fire…”
Great to hear, but unfortunately, not often enough.

Oh, and professor, excellently written and researched article. First class. Thank you.


Nice kill. Only indwelt heathen would violate Passover just to be ignorant. There was nothing for them that could be gained, their only inspiration was the infliction of demonic hatred. They have no idea why they hate “infidels”, they just enjoy hating.

You mean to tell me that the Palestinians couldn’t breach the wall? I thought walls didn’t work /sarc

    Anonamom in reply to snopercod. | April 1, 2018 at 8:53 am

    I know, right? It’s almost like it’s a more defensible position, or something. Who would’ve thought?

What in the world is that sewer-pipe gadget that one guy has over his shoulder? It looks like a catalytic converter off a Toyota.

    rightway in reply to georgfelis. | April 1, 2018 at 12:57 am

    It is a dual warhead. The first shaped charge warhead will set off explosive reactive armour. Then the second shaped charge is supposed to shoot its jet through the armour underneath. It is not your run of the mill RPG. Very interesting that Hamas has them. This is one reason the Israelis are using old Merkava tank chassises for armoured personnel carriers. The laminated armour is heavy enough to take a hit from something like that.

Of course they were terrorists. “Peacefully protesting,” my eye.

Hamas has to learn that optics are important. No one will ever take them seriously until they all start wearing pink, goat-udder hats. THAT is the key to establishing yourself as an authority figure, not camouflage and silly green headbands. They look characters from a Japanese anime.

The vid didn’t play for me. What did the Palestinians try at the fence to get themselves killed?

Weird. My comment about a Victor’s Peace has disappeared. I doubt the Prof censored me, because he’s the type that would have given me the courtesy of a heads up so I didn’t spend the rest of the evening troubleshooting my Wi-Fi connection. And it wouldn’t upset me, because it’s his living room after all.

Hmm. Guess I better call Verizon

Oh wait, I bet it was Agent Garcia again. She’s still tweaked over the Incident of 2007.

Mexico is doing very similar tactics, they are looking toward Brownsville Texas, using women and children as the front runners, claiming US birthrights because they were born in the Americas.

See a pattern going on?

Reconquista and Hamas working on the same play book, looking to take over areas in which Democratically elected leaders are not (so far) part of the NWO theology.

Funny how we don’t hear much about the Mexican invasion being waged in “protest” against the wall… and yet, while they have nearly a free run into California, they are heading to Texas.

When you can’t gain people to your way of thinking, as most liberals end up doing in lemming like fashion, then you bring in “new voters” in invasion like moves under the pretext of peaceful protests cause look, children and women behind which hide the men with other than peaceful intents. And hit in areas which are key to take over.

Almost looks planned.

    C. Lashown in reply to oldgoat36. | April 1, 2018 at 9:28 am

    Isn’t this the same thing that Obama did, sending herds of peons north to America? From what I recall, they even had NGO agents in Central America passing out flyers and advertising in the local papers. It’s been awhile and my memory isn’t the sharpest. Someone needs to contact the #CartoonNewsNetwork so they can start drumming up the pity vote from the old liberals. I expect to hear from either Obama, Holder or Cankles anytime in the next few days. Looks like good old Stormy is off the front page for awhile.

Not for the first time, it occurs to me that, if the utterly corrupt, self-enriching, and self-serving “Palestinian” leadership of Fatah/Hamas spent 1/10th of the money, resources and energy that they currently devote to terrorist attacks, anti-Semitic mob incitement and the usual self-defeating antics, on infrastructure, developing a viable economy and forming stable political institutions, the “Palestinians” would be undeniably better off.

“Palestinian” misery is 100% self-inflicted, a predictable result of Islam’s self-defeating pathologies and the “Palestinian” leadership’s perpetual self-enrichment, at the expense of its people. The sooner that Leftist and sundry Islamic sympathizers around the world come to terms with these obvious facts, the better off we’ll all be.

Seriously, I am very disappointed with the IDF. There seems to be enough snipers to lay down anyone older than ‘rock throwing’ age, so why let them walk away? ‘Rock throwers’ are the youngest combatants for the Palestinians, so anyone seeking to cross the border should get their ticket punched for Paradise.

Regardless, President Trump is withdrawing financial support from these usurpers. Who knows what other workable actions can be taken, other than the Palestinians are great at propaganda, everything is going in the right direction.

    cep32101 in reply to C. Lashown. | April 2, 2018 at 8:58 pm

    That’s right. The young jihadists go straight to “paradise” without judgment. We’re not dealing with folks with a full deck.

Damn near every Palestinian is a terrorist, or terrorist in training.

Well, the “human shields” are relatively short. Andrew Jackson had the right idea—”Elevate them guns a little lower.” In this case, change that to “higher”.

I remember in the early 70’s watching the news with these Palestinian “liberators” doing the same things. Jihad for Allah. It’s the same old retarded crap.