Oh good Lord. Now I want one!

WPIX reporter Allison Kaden complained to Bloomingdale’s on Twitter over a Fake News t-shirt, which led to the famous department store pulling the item.

Give. Me. A. Break. Can we stop with the sensitivities?! From Fox News:

A spokesperson for Bloomingdales told Fox News on Monday that the shirt “was immediately removed from our selling floor and we apologize to anyone who found this t-shirt distressing.”

It was unclear how long the shirt had been sold and at how many stores. The top was not listed for sale on the department store’s website.

Back in November, Mike blogged about a school that forced a young student to remove his “Fake News Network” t-shirt before his school toured the CNN headquarters.

The student told his parents he wanted to buy the FNN t-shirt once he learned about the tour.

President Donald Trump coined the popular phrase. I mean, fake news does exist. We have documented many instances of fake news, which include the news stretching the truth to fit their agenda.

I’ll say it again: If you don’t want to be called fake news then don’t put out fake news.

Also, point your anger at those who caused Trump to constantly say the phrase.

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