We keep hearing the media insist that they are not blinded by partisanship and bias, that they are not purveyors of #FakeNews, yet we also keep seeing the evidence pile up that they are not only biased #FakeNews peddlers but that they appear to be intentionally fanning the flames that are fueling leftist #Resistance mobs.

Case in point, President Trump visited Ohio, the home of Civil War General and later our 18th President Ulysses S. Grant, and delivered a somewhat rambling story about General Grant being a great general despite liking to drink.  During this story, Trump referred—in passing—to General Robert E. Lee as “a great general.”

Nothing about the speech—where it was made, its content, theme, or intent—can be seen as remotely singing the praises of Lee, yet NBC, along with other leftstream media outlets, ran with the clickbait #FakeNews they fully understood furthered their favorite narrative that “Trump’s a racist!  Watch him praise a racist general. Because white.  And privilege.  And racist!”

To make this work, they literally had to misread and misrepresent the president’s first sentence and then cut off the speech a few sentences later.  Further, they had to be grossly negligent in fact-checking, grossly ignorant of basic American history (and not know how to read Wikipedia), and they had to have a reason to grossly edit and misrepresent President Trump’s comments.

Here’s the NBC tweet:


The problem?  Trump was in Ohio talking to his supporters in Ohio about General Grant . . . who was born in Ohio.

Here’s the rest of the president’s comments (via AG_Conservative on Twitter):

https://twitter.com/AG_Conservative/status/1050937139746263041Here’s the full clip:

The Daily Wire reports:

President Donald Trump spoke in Ohio Friday night, telling the story of how Ulysses S. Grant defeated Robert E. Lee’s forces during the Civil War. Naturally, the media couldn’t wait to turn this into a claim of racism against Trump.

Multiple outlets — especially NBC — tweeted edited clips or quotes from Trump’s speech to claim he was “praising” Lee. Because, racism and white supremacy, you know.

. . . .  But Trump didn’t come to the home of Grant to praise Lee. His story was about how Lee was a great general (a fact undisputed by historians) and Grant really wasn’t, but he was still able to defeat the South’s army.

Trump also never called Lee “incredible,” as NBC claims. Trump was talking about Ohio, which “also gave you a general who was incredible. He drank a little bit too much. You know who I’m talking about, right?” Everyone in Ohio would know who he’s talking about.

But then Trump starts talking about Lee, which was probably confusing for a press determined to paint him as a racist.

Needless to say, this outrageous misrepresentation of the President’s remarks caught the attention of many on the right, but it also caught the attention of some on the left who were not happy to “have to defend” Trump when the story caught on across the leftstream media.

NBC News did finally acknowledge that they had published a “misidentification” of the president Trump called “incredible.”

But the “narrative” was furthered, and NBC knows it.  The mob has been fed more lies and are unlikely to see the correction.

The president, for his part, very graciously accepted the correction.


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