Okay, I have to admit that I am totally proud of the prof right now. Though I never really doubted his premise, his insistence, that Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was intent on running for president in 2020, I did have doubts about how she could possibly believe she could pull it off.

Indeed, “we repeatedly have noted that Warren’s non-denial denials about running for president were inconsistent with her actions, which certainly seem to be laying the groundwork for a presidential run”:

Warren’s background is laden with problems, questions, and scandal. But here she is, making it pseudo-official that she is, indeed, looking to compete for the 2020 Democrat nomination. By the way, it’s only pseudo-official because an actual declaration of candidacy would place her campaign under federal regulation and scrutiny, a thing—oddly, perhaps—this proponent of federal regulation and scrutiny should welcome on principle but apparently does not when it comes to herself and her endeavors.

The New York Times reports:

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts declared on Saturday that she would “take a hard look” at running for the White House in 2020 once the midterm elections are over, and called on the country to elect a female president to fix the “broken government” in Washington.

Ms. Warren made the announcement during a town-hall meeting in Holyoke, Mass., where she was decrying President Trump and Senate Republicans for digging in behind Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, the embattled Supreme Court nominee who has been accused of sexual assault. She described the hearings as a spectacle of “powerful men helping a powerful man make it to an even more powerful position.”

“I watched that and I thought: time’s up,” Ms. Warren said, according to a transcript and video of her remarks provided by an aide. “It’s time for women to go to Washington and fix our broken government, and that includes a woman at the top.”

She continued, “So here’s what I promise: After Nov. 6, I will take a hard look at running for president.”

“I think we can turn this country around,” Ms. Warren said.

The comments are Ms. Warren’s clearest and most public confirmation yet that she is preparing to seek the presidency. She has been traveling the country extensively in recent months and has already been reaching out to Democratic leaders in crucial presidential primary states, leaving little doubt about her interest in the race.

Warren is 69, so she can’t sit out too many more election cycles.  She only sat out the last one, in 2016, in deference to (or, alternately, in fear of) Hillary Clinton or to her desire to remain in the public eye as an in-speculation-only contender or whatever nonsense.  That’s all laughable.  She didn’t run because, as the invisible wannabe shadow to both Hillary and Bernie, she had no backing, no clout, no donors.

That’s all changed since Hillary’s second humiliating presidential campaign loss.

Given that Warren’s message is a hokey mix of socialist policies with which she doesn’t even agree and countless variations on “I hate Trump,” it seems unlikely she’ll get very far.  Essentially, when she’s not parroting Bernie, she’s parroting Hillary.  Nothing says “winner” like trotting out the money quotes of failed Democrat presidential candidates.

As an aside, there is no way Warren thinks single-payer or Medicare for all are viable; as much as I dislike her, I have to admit that she’s no idiot in these matters.  Further, it should be noted that Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) himself doesn’t even think Medicare for all is viable.  He’s just smart enough to ignore that inconvenient reality; Warren, by contrast, will babble on for days, annoying and confusing the Democrat base and annoying and amusing the Republican base.

One of Warren’s campaign strategies appears to be bashing President Trump . . . maybe because it worked so well for Hillary?

Senator Elizabeth Warren isn’t ready to announce a presidential bid just yet, but she could be soon. Per the Boston Globe, the Massachusetts Democrat told a town hall crowd that she’s now focused on her re-election bid, but bets are off thereafter. “After Nov. 6 I will take a hard look at running for president,” Warren said after railing against Republican colleagues she characterized as “powerful men helping a powerful man make it to an even more powerful position” who were “too chicken” to personally question Christine Blasey Ford during her testimony regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

As she does frequently, Warren took this opportunity of her 36th meeting with constituents since President Trump took office to attack the current White House occupant, per the AP.

“Trump is taking this country in the wrong direction,” said Warren, who also tipped her hat to the #TimesUp movement and said the time is now “for women to go to Washington to fix our broken government, and that includes a woman at the top.”

So it’s not “official-official,” but it looks not only as though Warren does indeed intend to run in 2020 but that she has been running for quite some time.

The prof so nailed this one.