I don’t believe in coincidences, at least not when it comes to Elizabeth Warren.

I learned during her 2012 Senate run that everything was pre-programmed and scripted. She avoided impromptu encounters like the plague, including running from reporters to avoid hard questions.

Avoiding encounters with reporters would become Warren’s trademark in the Senate.

But when she wanted to get a particular message out, she could use the press as skillfully as anyone. During the 2012 Senate race, the Boston Globe was used to try to blunt Warren’s Native American scandal, including pushing the quickly-debunked claim that Warren was 1/32 Cherokee. Warren also provided the Globe with exclusive access to family and friends for a puff piece about supposed family lore regarding Native American heritage. That puff piece actually proved the opposite.

More recently I noticed that the Globe conveyed the message Warren apparently is preparing for a 2020 run – an open embrace of Christianity. I wrote about that in Rebranding for 2020 begins: “Elizabeth Warren’s Christian faith is deep and authentic”:

Why this sudden focus on Warren’s Christianity?

I consider it the start of the Warren rebranding for 2020. While a lot of potential Democrat candidate names are mentioned, Warren is at the top….

Running hard left will help Warren win the primary, but will hurt in the general election. She’s going to have to appeal to those God-fearing Christians Democrats have long mocked as bitter clingers and deplorables.

Enter Elizabeth Warren’s deep Christian faith narrative. And it can’t come soon enough.

So now the non-coincidence. The NY Times has an article focusing on the different approaches to 2020 being taken by Warren and Bernie Sanders, As Warren and Sanders Jockey for Support, One Takes a Road More Traveled. The thesis of the Times article is that Warren is following a more traditional path to running for president, including fundraising with Wall Street titans like Jamie Dimon (didn’t she used to rail against him? That’s a post for another time.)

What caught my eye, was that article starts by focusing on, you guessed it, Warren’s Christianity:

It took a few minutes to find an opening, but when it came, Senator Elizabeth Warren did not squander her best chance to connect with a heavily black audience inside the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Ebenezer Baptist Church late last month.

“I was a Sunday school teacher,” said Ms. Warren, the Massachusetts Democrat and former Harvard law professor, drawing a burst of applause before reciting from memory the verse in the Book of Matthew about helping “the least of these.” ….

And, as she demonstrated here with a reminder to King’s old congregation that “there’s Jesus in every one of us,” she is opening up about herself to satisfy the electorate’s hunger for personal connection….

I don’t believe in coincidences. Not one damn bit.

Touting her old time religion is part of the plan to show Democrats she’s a more viable national candidate than socialist-honeymoon in the Soviet Union Bernie, because she can appeal to the deplorables and bitter clingers.