We all knew this would happen after failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton bashed those who did not vote her. She said that women who did not vote for her did so because a man told them not to.

Now, Hillary’s blame game is coming back to haunt incumbents like Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO), who is considered one of the more vulnerable Democrats up for re-election.

This is the ad released by McCaskill’s opponent Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley:

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air provided the transcript:

“In Claire McCaskill’s America…Hillary is the president. Senator McCaskill led the Hillary coalition. And what does Hillary Clinton think about us?” the ad reads, pivoting to Clinton’s remarks.

“If you look at the map of the United States, there’s all that red in the middle where Trump won,” Clinton says in video of her recent remarks at a conference in India.

“I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward. And his whole campaign, ‘Make America Great Again,’ was looking backwards,” she adds.

“You didn’t like black people getting rights, you don’t like women, you know, getting jobs. You don’t want, you know, to see that Indian-American succeeding more than you are. Whatever your problem is … working for a woman now, you don’t like it. Whatever the reason was, he stirred that up.”

The ad then ends with more text, telling voters, “This is what Claire McCaskill and her ‘president’ think of you.”

I would laugh, but every single time I hear those words drip out of that woman’s mouth my blood boils. A woman who claims to be a feminist chooses to insult us, believing we cannot think for ourselves. No, Hillary, I didn’t vote for you because you’re a terrible human being and you sucked as a candidate.

Anyway! After Hillary’s comments, McCaskill attempted to distance herself away from the failed candidate:

“Those are kind of fighting words for me, because I’m partial to Missouri voters,” said Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), who is running in a state Trump won by 19 points. “I think they were expressing their frustration with the status quo. I may not have agreed with their choice, but I certainly respect them. And I don’t think that’s the way you should talk about any voter, especially ones in my state.”

I have to agree with Morrissey, though, as in I don’t think the ad will have much staying power since the Democrat Party has distanced itself from Hillary. I blogged last week that Democrats and even her former aides criticized her remarks. They call Hillary ’embarrassing’ and wish she would just stop talking.

A better way to go after McCaskill would be to concentrate on Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) as Morrissey points out. Better yet, point out McCaskill’s failures and spots where she didn’t properly represent those in her state.

Hawley had a substantial lead over McCaskill in polls, but the latest polls show the McCaskill gaining steam. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that a poll from Gravis Marketing showed McCaskill with a two-point lead (42-40) only a few weeks after an Axios poll had Hawley with an eight-point lead:

“This will be a very close race,” Gravis Managing Partner Doug Kaplan said in comments released with the poll.

He also noted, as others have: “The Senate might hinge on this race.”

Missouri this year has the potential to baffle pollsters, because it’s a former swing state that has become strongly Republican but with a populist edge that doesn’t work well for some GOP candidates.

Then again…it’s hard not to include Hillary in everything. After all, for the longest time, the Clintons have been the darlings of the left. It’s kind of ironic that the one time queen bee of the party is currently destroying it.


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