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Denial of Reality Week in Higher Education

Denial of Reality Week in Higher Education

Your weekly report on campus news.

The left often claims that Democrats are the party of science and facts. Can they explain this?

It seems like all they care about is protests.

There seems to be a reality problem.

This is reality.

Reality recently caught up with this group.

This is because they got caught.

What happened to all the talk about fairness?


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DINORightMarie | March 3, 2018 at 2:43 pm

There is so much in this collection that makes me wonder what have people been doing while their kids were with them at home!!??!! Were they even engaged with them at all?

Some could be due to two-parent working and no one there; some could be due to single-parent absenteeism by necessity (to provide for basic needs). But some of this just boggles the mind!

Who would WANT to live in a dorm room after quitting school?!?! Why didn’t the school KNOW and EVICT the student?! And the blatantly obvious anti-white-straight-male bias in academia is out of control! Our ADHD mega-diagnoses and drugging of boys, along with other attempts to control and neuter young boys hasn’t been enough, apparently – now they have to put those last nails in their life-coffin (a la’re alive, but only allowed to live as WE DICTATE!) while at pricey colleges to supposedly get a great education?!!?

I guess those colleges don’t need the straight-white-male dollars to cover their budgets, then, do they?! What – come to our school where you will be welcomed, you will feel like its your home, you will be included as “one of us” … Yeah, RIGHT! Not!!

We are always talking about MATH and STEM education in our country – reaching out to women, minorities, etc. in he U.S. Well – here is a reality check!! Most of the colleges in the US are scaling DOWN their STEM programs, and are having to BRING IN FOREIGN STUDENTS (who, btw, get full-ride scholarships in most cases!) because NO ONE IS ENROLLING. Look at any Physics or Chemistry program at most colleges (very few exceptions, including Ivy League and the usually suspects (e.g. MIT, UT-Austin, VA Tech) – especially at the Masters and PhD levels – what you find is NOT white males…it’s foreign males, some foreign females, with a few white males/females sprinkled in. So, our push for STEM is pushing OUT white males….not helping draw more in, unless you count those coming in from foreign nations. Wake UP!!

And that Impeach Trump course………why is that not being investigated by the Secret Service and/or DOJ for sedition and encouraging insurrection?!?!

Crazy! Thanks for all the great posts, and this collection at the end of each week. Seems the Cray-Cray is growing exponentially………… Lord, help us.