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Student Group at Columbia Claims Right to Work Has Roots in White Supremacy

Student Group at Columbia Claims Right to Work Has Roots in White Supremacy

“fighting for economic justice”

White supremacy has quickly become the new thing the left can blame for pretty much anything they don’t like.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Columbia Student-Worker Solidarity group says right to work has ‘deep roots in white supremacy’

A student group at Columbia University is accusing the campus College Republicans of promoting a “racist, anti-worker policy” because they have invited Mark Mix, the president of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, to speak on campus.

According to the Columbia Student-Worker Solidarity group, an organization committed to “fighting for economic justice,” the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation “represents advocates for a policy with deep roots in white supremacy and devastating implications for workers today.”

In addition to singling out Mix’s organization, the group also accuses any proponents of right-to-work laws that would eliminate or prevent union coercion of workers as being “pro-Segregationist.”

“Mark Mix’s organization isn’t the first to seek to ‘eliminate’ what it describes as ‘coercive union power’ or ‘compulsory unionism,’” the article reads. “The concerns held by right-to-work proponents are historically embedded in anti-black, anti-Semitic, and pro-segregationist ideologies.”


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Well, minimum wage laws were originally a “white supremacy” thing, and these goof probably have no problem with those.

“Workers of the world, unite and fight for a white South Africa.”

Chuckin Houston | February 28, 2018 at 6:22 pm

Pretty much the opposite is true. Until about two generations ago organized labor noticeably racist. The CIO unions began reforming themselves first but AFL unions were nearly exclusively white until the 1970s. Open job businesses had much more latitude to hire those who offered the most value without fear of a walkout.

SeekingRationalThought | February 28, 2018 at 9:52 pm

While I’m not a student of labor history, my understanding was that unions banned minorities from the work site. Its one thing to be wrong. We all are wrong from time to time. This is ridiculous. I can’t imagine how they could logically reach this conclusion. There are rational arguments against right to work laws, but this ain’t one of them.

The quality of college students is going down. They’re getting dumber and dumber.