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UVM Protesters Block Rush Hour Traffic Delaying Ambulances

UVM Protesters Block Rush Hour Traffic Delaying Ambulances

“The protesters remained in place for about three hours”

Blocking traffic is not only annoying but extremely dangerous. These students should be punished, but probably won’t be.

Campus Reform reports:

UVM activists block rush-hour traffic, delay ambulances

Activists at the University of Vermont have intensified their protest against the school this week, blocking rush-hour traffic on Thursday while demanding social justice-related reforms.

According to the Burlington Free Press, the student demonstrators took their protest to the streets, gathering near the Dudley H. Davis Center and blocking traffic at a busy intersection in hopes of compelling an audience with UVM President Tom Sullivan to discuss racism on campus.

“We’re standing in the streets until Tom comes to meet,” the protesters chanted, interspersing the refrain with cries of “Black lives matter!”

The protesters remained in place for about three hours, even after Burlington Police informed them that Sullivan was not available that evening, causing traffic congestion that eventually began to impact neighboring towns, and even caused problems for the UVM Medical Center, creating 15-minute delays for ambulances that were headed to the hospital.

Vice Provost Annie Stevens eventually addressed the demonstrators around 7:30 p.m., at which point the students relocated to an administrative building on campus.

As previously reported by Campus Reform, the social justice activists at UVM have also engaged in a number of other recent demonstrations on campus, including a “Done with the Bulls— Rally” on Tuesday in support of a staff member who began a hunger strike last Friday in an effort to force the implementation of diversity-related demands.


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Because after all, how important is your little health and well-being compared to their feelings of outrage?

When protestors blocked traffic in West Hollywood following the Rodney King verdict (actually, the verdict in the criminal prosecution of the cops who were involved in the Rodney King arrest), I drove through them. Very slowly, giving them time to clear the street, but I had the right of way! And a beat up car!

a staff member who began a hunger strike last Friday in an effort to force the implementation of diversity-related demands

Well, that seems like a self-correcting problem.

So called students: His name is President Sullivan, not Tom. He is Tom to his family and friends. You are neither. You are his charges, Sort of like employees without creating anything of value. But then why should one expect you to show respect to the man in charge of your life when you obviously have no no respect for yourselves.

The University of Vermont has been suffocatingly PC for decades and there’s absolutely no sign it will not continue to get worse. Nor is there any evidence at all that its administration, or the legislature that funds it, has any interest in rolling this back to the point where a student with less than 100% orthodox political opinions could expect less than intense hostility there.

Consider (for example) this requirement that all students be educated in currently fashionable political doctrine. Do you think you can pass any of these courses if you express any less than enthusiastic in-class support for approved politics? Or that anyone of less than 100% PC disposition wouldn’t consider looking elsewhere for an education after reading this requirement?

“All undergraduate degree students matriculating in Fall 2008 or later must successfully complete the University Approved Diversity courses: one three-credit course from Category One (Race and Racism in the U.S.) and a second three-credit course from either Category One or Category Two (the Diversity of Human Experience). These requirements will apply as well to undergraduate transfer students receiving bachelor’s degrees from May 2012 onward.”

This school makes it all too obvious to prospective students that non-PC opinion is not welcome to the point where it may prevent one from graduating. Why, then, would anyone be surprised to find student life dominated by SJWs?