During a recent talk at Portland State University, a small group of students staged a walkout when a scientist on the panel pointed out that there are biological differences between men and women.

James Damore, formerly of Google, was also on the panel and was expected to be the target of anger.

Katie Shepherd writes at Willamette Week:

No Violence, Brief Disruption as Fired Google Engineer Speaks at Portland State University

A panel featuring several controversial figures at Portland State University unfolded with just one interruption on Saturday evening despite organizers voicing fears of violence and protests intended to silent conservative dissent.

A student group called Freethinkers of PSU invited James Damore, an engineer who was fired from Google for writing a memo on gender and diversity that the company deemed sexually harassing and discriminatory. He spoke on a panel, moderated by a philosophy professor, that also included two women known for their conservative views on gender dynamics…

When the doors of Hoffman Hall opened to the ticket-holding attendees, the only protesters in sight were a group of six students holding signs displaying photos of prominent women scientists: Dana Ulery, Gladys West, Lynn Conway, Radia Perlman, Adele Goldberg, and Grace Hopper, Ada Lovelace, the Eniac Team, Karen Spark-Jones and Sophie Wilson…

Some other protesters waiting in line for the walk-out protest wore purple, a color chosen to distinguish themselves from the rest of the small crowd waiting to listen to Damore speak.

“I’m bummed my tuition money is going toward James Damore,” said Chloe Kendal, a senior graphic design major, as she waited in line. “Most people I know are really bummed. People in my department are really unhappy he’s speaking on campus.”

In the end, however, it was scientific facts that triggered the social justice warriors. One of them even sabotaged the room’s audio system on her way out. Twitchy reports:

WATCH: Students walk out on ‘Nazis’ who point out biological differences between men and women

Speaking at a diversity discussion at Portland State University on Feb. 17, Evergreen State College biologist Heather E. Heying pointed out that there are, indeed, biological differences between men and women: height, muscle mass, fat deposits, etc.

That was enough to cause several students to walk out, apparently sabotage the sound system on the way out, and generally, give security a hard time over defending the “Nazis” speaking inside.

Watch the video below. The best part comes after the protesters leave. A panel member says the talk will go on and the remaining students cheer in applause:

This is what we’ve come to. Students describing statements of scientific facts as fascism and Nazism.

Featured image via YouTube.


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