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Woman Arrested for Making False Rape Claim at Clemson University

Woman Arrested for Making False Rape Claim at Clemson University

“gave false information to the investigator”

You don’t hear about this happening very often. Is the tide turning?

FOX Carolina reports:

Deputies: Woman arrested after filing false police report of sexual assault at fraternity house

The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office said a teenager was arrested on Wednesday for filing a false police report.

Deputies said 18-year-old Sarah Katherine Campbell was charged with filing a false police report of a felony.

According to deputies, the charges stemmed from a false report of a sexual assault. Clemson University Police responded to a report of a sexual assault at the Delta Chi Fraternity house on January 27, deputies said.

The sheriff’s office said an investigation into the incident was launched and as evidence was gathered in the case, it was determined that the sexual encounter between Campbell and the male at the fraternity house was consensual.

Campbell gave false information to the investigator in the case, deputies said.


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healthguyfsu | March 2, 2018 at 9:58 am


This article just makes me sigh. Many, many girls will be date-raped in college and elsewhere. But thanks to recent Kangaroo court policies,and women saying they were raped by a “dirty look”, all the advances made by women, over many years, have been erased by the “feminists” who never seem to be around for Monica, Paula, Juanita, Kathleen, little girls scheduled for genital mutilation, women oppressed under Sharia law, or for the women currently being sold on auction blocks into slavery.

Weirdly, I almost feel almost sorry for this girl. She’s young and stupid and she only did what she was raised to believe would make her at one with the sisterhood. Now she’s stuck with a FELONY. That said, considering what she intended to do the other guy, she’s getting off easy.

It’s just sad. Women who are true victims will have to start all over again to make the point that not all claims are bogus.

    daniel_ream in reply to elle. | March 2, 2018 at 11:50 am

    I don’t feel sorry for her at all. This wasn’t a claim that she was raped by a nonexistent frat boy; she accused a specific individual and would have destroyed his life with no concern for the consequences to him. She’s an adult, she deserves everything she gets and I hope she does hard jail time.

      I think if you read what I said again, you will see I had a different point.

      Guys get girls pregnant. Girls get raped. It can ruin their lives. It took a lot work to get to the point where police took things seriously and women didn’t have to hear they asked for it. It also took a long time before women could have bad sex and not be tainted victims for life. Look at the Middle East. It’s always the woman’s fault. Is THAT fair?

      My point was NOT that she didn’t deserve punishment, but that I felt sorry for her because the current culture made her think her actions were justified.

      Kids do stupid stuff. I think it is too bad that every stupid decision has to become a life-sentence.

The penalty for such a false claim should be identical to the sentence the guy would have gotten for actual rape.

I have to agree with most of the other comments here – I don’t feel any pity for this young lady. I think, like Columbia university’s Emma sulkwicz, she was “blown off” after having consensual sex and reacted emotionally by lodging a false accusation, regardless of the consequences.
I’m actually surprised that the local police actually investigated her story instead of just accepting it at face value. There must have been some form of incontrovertible evidence that destroyed her “story”, maybe video or sound evidence.
It’s sad that we have come to this – we will now have clandestinely record our sexual encounters to protect ourselves against false accusations of rape or sexual assault.

She made a tactical error. If she had filed the claim with the Title 9 Office at the university, it would have gone through the kangaroo court system. Those kangaroo courts have the benefit of being able to ignore the facts, so they always convict the accused male. She would be hailed as a “survivor,” and he would be branded a rapist and thrown out of the school. Her mistake was going to the cops, who are supposed to find the facts.

Police and prosecutors almost never go after false rape claims. About damn time. Don’t want to discourage women from filing claims, presumably false ones as well as honest ones.