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Emails Reveal Financial Worries at Evergreen State College

Emails Reveal Financial Worries at Evergreen State College

“the scope of our challenge is becoming known”

Some institutions deserve to fail. Evergreen State will have a hard time finding sympathy if it folds. Recently leaked emails reveal concern.

My Northwest reports:

Evergreen State College pres. chided dean who revealed financial woes

Staff members at The Evergreen State College, witnessing dramatic decreases in student enrollment and subsequently cash-flow, are being fed talking points by the school’s president that won’t “be used against us.”

In an email to staff, Dr. Jennifer Drake, Evergreen State College’s provost and vice president for academic affairs, warned that the total student enrollment may drop significantly and, consequently, they will experience layoffs and a strict adherence to hours with part-time faculty members.

The email from Drake, apparently, concerned Evergreen State College President George Bridges. He wondered if Drake ran the contents of the email by the school’s Communications and Public Relations Manager Zach Powers before sending it to staff. He wrote, according to an email forwarded to me:

In reading through this message, I wonder whether you ran its content by Zach Powers before sending. If not, given the sensitivity of some of the language — losses of students instead of projected losses; losses of faculty position instead of possible budget reductions — might end up appearing elsewhere in ways that will be used against us.

While I realize that the scope of our challenge is becoming known, I would have preferred that such detail not gone out in an email without review. If it was reviewed, then my concern is not with the message but the reviewer and review process. Please let me know.


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I understand the chiding in this case. I do hope Evergreen fails, but it can worsen their decline if it gets out.

Only the worse and most desperate enroll in a college that could close before they finish their degree.

Part of me says good riddance, but part of me does not blame the ones in charge trying to save their little rat’s nest from going up in flames.

    If by, “..understand the chiding in this case,” you mean to justify or mitigate the explicit deceit and manipulation of factual data by a publicly funded institution, then I disagree strongly with your attempt at compassion. Which “part of” you can’t seem “to blame” these folks?

    The president of Evergreen is intending to punish and stifle honest conversation among staff members using the school’s e-mail system.

    He intends, by withholding the reasoned evaluation of their current and future status, to misinform potential students as to the overall health and viability (not to mention the reasons for it) of the school.

    The Evergreen president is behaving in the totally predictable manner of all lefties: deceit before honesty, obfuscation before transparency.

    That institution’s public employees deserve all the blame for what they have inspired, created and nurtured.

      healthguyfsu in reply to bear. | February 25, 2018 at 12:50 pm

      You are confusing understanding the rationale or motive with empathy and compassion. Logic in rationale is not always a given with loony bin institutions.

Like you said, though, the backlash implied does indicate it is valid. Evergreen may get its just desserts.

When is President Trump going to start defending civil rights in these bastions of fascism? He should treat them the same as the Jim Crow southern politicians were during civil rights movement.

As a resident of Washington State, it’s hard to fathom why Evergreen College’s president, George Bridges, hasn’t been fired. New leadership is needed to save the college.

If it was reviewed, then my concern is not with the message but the reviewer and review process. Please let me know.

Less concerned about the deteriorating situation at Evergreen than about people finding out about it.