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Video: Anti-free speech protester strips

Video: Anti-free speech protester strips

Watch at your own risk.

Apparently the “anti-fascist” (“antifa”) thought police, who act like fascists in the name of anti-fascism, tried to shut down a speech by Ezra Levant in Toronto.

Via Rebel Media in Canada:

Rebel Commander Ezra Levant was about to take the stage at a Generation Screwed event in Toronto today.

The theme of the day-long conference was taxpayer advocacy and the debt burden, but that didn’t stop masked men, women, and other “antifa” gender benders from storming the doors in protest.

When the event was forced outside following a fire alarm, one protester got upset about her photo being taken — and what she did next left bystanders wishing they had been maced!

Warning: You can’t unsee what you’re about to watch…


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cheif bighorn | February 4, 2017 at 8:47 pm

Kids these days be Crazy !!!

And the Professor tries to destroy ten years of building his internet audience in one post!


Put it on, put it all on, please !!!

Yeah………no, I’m not watching trigglypuff do her thing.

I’m the sensitive type and I’d be forever in the psychic ward for seeing that.

Notice even the anarchist types have a line they won’t cross. They were urging her to put her clothes back on.

You ever HOPE that clicking on a link was going to take you to a Rick Astley video?

Still not going to risk it.

It’s a good thing Captain Ahab wasn’t there!