Marwan Barghouti is serving five life sentences for murders during the Second Intifada.

He is a hero to many Palestinians and also to Western leftists. The NY Times gave him a platform to announce a mass hunger strike, NY Times gives Palestinian terrorist Marwan Barghouti platform to announce hunger strike.

In a reaction, Israeli protesters barbecued outside prison where Palestinian terrorists on hunger strike leading to an angry reaction, Palestinians fume over barbecue taunt of terrorist hunger strikers, as hundreds drop out.

Since then, there have been claims that if he died, it would set off a new Intifada.

It doesn’t appear, however, that he is likely to starve to death, since he was caught on video eating.

Israel National News reports, Watch: Barghouti’s lies caught on film:

Arch-terrorist and mass-murderer Marwan Barghouti, who has led a hunger strike by jailed terrorists held in Israeli prisons, has been eating in secret while maintaining the pretenses of his own hunger strike, footage released Sunday reveals.

Barghouti, who is believed to be responsible for the deaths of 26 people in suicide bombings and shooting attacks during the Second Intifada and is currently serving five consecutive life sentences for murder, declared the hunger strike in a New York Times opinion piece in April, in the middle of the Jewish festival of Passover.

But footage of Barghouti’s jail cell reveals that the arch-terrorist feigned his own hunger strike, eating in secret in a corner of his room.

The Israeli Channel Two website reports (English via Google Translate), Documentation: Barghouti breaks the hunger strike:

After two days ago, Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti sent a letter to the hunger strikers in order to strengthen their hands, a document of the cell in which Barghouthi is being held does not meet the conditions of the strike itself. In his cell – and eating cookies and a tortilla snack. “This time, too, they created a man for him,” said Internal Security Minister Ardan.

Barghouti will also be seen in a video eating salt powder to help him in the hunger strike. “The hunger strike of the terrorists does not relate to their conditions of imprisonment, but only to the political interests of Marwan Barghouti, whether inside the prison walls or in the Palestinian Authority, where he wants to strengthen his status Political process for the period after Abu Mazen,” said the Minister of Public Security.

“Just as he cynically and maliciously used the past to abuse Palestinians and send them to carry out terror attacks and murder, he also cynically exploits the terrorists, asks them and leads them to a hunger strike. On himself the norms of a hunger strike,” Arden added

How did Barghouti get the food?

According to a report in Hebrew daily Ma’ariv, the food was put out as bait for the hunger striking prisoner by his guards in an effort to break his leadership.

It happened twice:

The prison service says Barghouti has twice been filmed eating since the strike began. The first time, on April 27, the footage shows him eating cookies. He removed the cookies from a hiding place in his bathroom, looked around to see that nobody was watching and then ate them. He then tried to conceal the evidence by hiding the wrapping and washing his hands and face.

The second time, on May 5, he employed the same technique. This time, he was filmed eating waffle bar. At the end, he was also seen eating salt.

Here is a longer video:

(added) Palestinians are claiming the video is fake:

Palestinian supporters of hunger striking prisoners on Sunday evening dismissed a video clip purportedly showing Palestinian inmate and strike leader Marwan Barghouti secretly eating a candy bar and other food in the bathroom of his cell last week, saying the footage was fabricated.

Qadoura Fares, who heads the Palestinian Prisoners Club advocacy group, cast doubt on the footage, saying Barghouti is being held in solitary confinement and has no access to food.

“This is a fabrication,” Fares said of the footage released Sunday. “This is psychological warfare that we expected Israel to wage against the strike.” He said that “the prisoners will not buy this account from the Israeli side, and they will continue their strike.” …

When asked for comment, a prison service spokesperson said: “The video speaks for itself.”


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