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VIDEO satire “Real Housewives of ISIS” attacked as Islamophobic

VIDEO satire “Real Housewives of ISIS” attacked as Islamophobic

If you claim mocking ISIS is mocking Islam, you’re not making the point you think you are.

This is the type of edgy comedy Saturday Night Live would produce, if it had the guts to offend the thought police.

Instead, it’s from the BBC2 show Revolting:

The satirists behind a controversial BBC sketch depicting “The Real Housewives of Isis” have argued that comedians must be allowed to tackle religious fundamentalism.

The sketch is due to feature in the first episode of Revolting, the new BBC2 series by Heydon Prowse and Jolyon Rubinstein, the duo behind the Bafta-winning The Revolution Will Be Televised.

Shot during a turbulent year, ripe for satire, Revolting’s mix of political stunts and scripted sketches targets racist Brexit voters, Boris Johnson, Southern Trains and the NHS budget deficit.

The most daring sequence is a mock reality show, called The Real Housewives of Isis, which depicts Western women who are groomed online by Islamic extremists.

I think it’s satire in the best sense, mocking a horrible situation in a way that proves the point of how evil ISIS is.

Apparently some people aren’t happy because they feel it stigmatizes Islam, The Telegraph reports:

A new BBC satire sketch, ‘The Real Housewives of Isis’, has caused controversy online for being ‘insensitive’.

The sketch, which is based on the Real Housewives series popular in the US and recently exported to the UK, depicts actors dressed as brides of Isil fighters taking selfies and showing off suicide belts. The trailer can be seen here.

One critic wrote on Facebook: “All the fun of an off-base Amy Schumer skit with the same lack of awareness of anything other than itself. It’s a bit like Carry On films.

“The humor is only funny if you look down on someone else and enjoy seeing them unhappy because they are not white and Christian. “

Here are some Twitter reactions:

If you claim mocking ISIS is mocking all of Islam, then you’re not exactly making the point you think you are.

I have a feeling BBC will cave and take down the trailer. So I’ve downloaded it.


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Do you suppose there is some virtue-signalling going on by some of those decrying this?

I seem to recall that Jugears & Co have been preaching at us for the past few years that ISIS isn’t Islamic. So what’s the problem?

Sure, they aren’t afraid to make fun of muslims, but just let them make ‘The Real Housewives of Presbyterians” and see the SJWs go nuts!

Let’s break it down.

Real? Really? In three dozen orientations.

House? Tents, perhaps. Capitalist pig.

Wives? Masculinist. Polygamy is not “=”. Friends with “benefits”.

ISIS? Keep it private and in the chamber. #CecileTheCannibal