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Trumping the NFL Week at Legal Insurrection

Trumping the NFL Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

ESPN and the NFL wanted to be political. How can they complain about this?


Democrats are still a mess.

She’s such a fraud.

Of course.

Yes it was.


World news.

Branco cartoons!


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Provokes the NFL day before Sunday. Also declares it Gold Star Family day

The NFL provokes its fans, and Trump calls them out, just before the regularly scheduled Gold Star Family Day.

The NFL is suffering from self-inflicted wounds. First, they made a big, F*cking deal about displays of reverence and conservative values, saying these are inappropriate at their business platform, and then they turn around and pretend they do not have contractual clauses that prevent leftist antics. They raised a political discussion, and they got one. They act like they assume their fans have no brains, and no memory.

Oh, well.

Can we put some names to these jackasses in the NFL who are enabling this.

I’ve held my peace and let the echo-chamber work here for a day or two, but that’s enough….

Does anyone here…or at a T-rumpian cult following in Alabama…LIKE Kapernick?


Does anyone admire Kapernick?


Does anyone want to silence Kapernick?

Yes. Obviously.

Does Kapernick or anyone following his example deserver to be called dirty names by a narcissistic prick who is immune to retribution?


Does anyone here remember Mohammid Ali refusing to be drafted?

You do or don’t. I do. I did think him wrong, but I also recognized his guts in doing it.

WWALD (what would a leader do?).

NOT this crap.

How do you assure that this behavior (Kapernick’s) is cemented into being and expanded?

See T-trump, Donald.

What do sick, narcissistic children do?

Hold “campaign rallies” packed with adoring cultists.

What do they feed them?

Whatever they see they want to be fed.

How does this constructively help the nation or the world?



I want to “get” and respect your centrist view on this but you paint in such broad strokes it’s difficult.

Are there folks that admire Kaepernick as a football player? Yes, the guy was a young-gun, toast of the town a few years ago. He made the decision to:

(a) play into the false narrative sold by the media and activist regarding Martin, Gray, Sterling and Brown.
(b) chose to compare police with slave ketchers.
(c) decided to wear a viva Fidel t-shirt to a press conference.
(d) thought it’d be a cool idea to wear socks depicting police as swine.
(e) made the decision to walk away from a 12 million dollar contract with the 49ers this year, thereby making himself unemployed.
(f) thought it would be a brilliant idea to comment on politics and the was outed for not even voting!

I’m sure Trump is a narcissist, just like all national political leaders, however he never mentioned Kaepernick from the stage in Alabama and moreover when he referred to people doing the “kneel challenge”, if you will, he couldn’t have been referencing Kaepernick because he isn’t in the league.

I’ll agree that it’s ironic Trump is still doing campaign type events like Obama did only because so many GOP folks expressed hostility for Obama when he did it but are embracing it now. Still that’s how thing go and I won’t fault people for enjoying themselves.

When Ali objected he did so on religious grounds and he was punished by boxing for doing so. It was courageous and he deserves to be forever commended. However, he wasn’t using a false, disproven narrative like Kaepernick and so many others have done. Further, Ali, wasn’t demanding it be a left v. right, black v. white issue as Kaepernick and others have.

I’ve always enjoyed your comments and have always found your input thoughtful and mostly objective but on this, I believe your wrong.