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Surprisingly Uninformed Week in Higher Education

Surprisingly Uninformed Week in Higher Education

Your weekly report on campus news.

Given the subjects many college students are told to believe are priorities…

Is it any surprise they end up uninformed?

And then we wonder why they’re crazy over Trump.

The environment on many campuses is set up to be divisive.

Even violent sometimes.

Or silly.

A narrative is being pushed.

There are consequences.

It’s all going to crash eventually.


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FYI from Massachusetts (just as I was getting over my “white guilt” LOL!):


Understanding and Interrupting White Fragility

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

University Hall Multi-Purpose Room


Join Westfield State’s AWARE (Active White Anti-Racist Employees) group as we examine white fragility and how to disrupt it. Move from woke-ish to WOKE through dialogue and activities about how and why white fragility manifests itself and how we can challenge ourselves and others to stop feeling guilty and start taking responsibility.

*While we will be trying to understand white fragility and how to interrupt it, this program is intended for people of all racial identities. White fragility impacts all of us, so we need to understand it as a community in order to interrupt and eventually dismantle it

LibraryGryffon | March 18, 2017 at 9:35 pm

If that “white fragility” program description is a valid example of how most liberal arts/humanities students are being taught to think, speak, and write, no wonder they’re having trouble finding jobs in the real world.

Ah, today’s little college snowflakes. Often wrong, never in doubt.