As Campus Reform reminds us below, Occidental is President Obama’s alma mater.

From their report:

Faculty at Obama alma mater resolve to challenge Trump

The Faculty Council at one of Barack Obama’s alma maters has vowed to challenge the “positions and policies of President Trump” at every turn.

In a recent statement published by the Occidental College Faculty Council, in conjunction with the Dean’s Office, professors at Obama’s former college assert their commitment to “challenging positions and policies of President Trump and his administration,” especially those that “advance bigotry, discrimination, and hate.”

Consequently, the faculty members declare their support for “the declaration of Occidental College as a sanctuary” while denouncing any of President Trump’s “positions and policies that violate core Occidental College values, including the right to free, open, and respectful exchange of ideas, as well as creative expression, science, and evidence and reason-based inquiry.”

The resolution was partly inspired by a recent letter penned by the school’s science faculty, who wrote “out of concern for the future of science in the United States of America,” referencing a laundry list of scientific consensuses that Trump has allegedly “denied.”

Moreover, the science department statement alleges that the President “and some of his appointees have endorsed racism, misogyny, ableism, anti-LGBTQIA rhetoric, and religious bigotry,” calling on the Trump administration to “select only well-qualified scientists and others who respect the vital role of scientific knowledge in decision-making for positions of authority in agencies that fund and regulate science.”