This is not only untrue, it is a dangerous and irresponsible thing to say to students.

The College Fix reports:

Cal State Los Angeles prof: Yesterday’s ‘slave catchers’ are today’s police officers

At a Cal State Fullerton conference yesterday on “intersectionality” and discrimination, a professor and Black Lives Matter organizer said that today’s police officers are the “slave catchers” of prior generations.

According to the Daily Titan, Cal State Los Angeles’s Melina Abdullah told those in attendance “You literally have a target on your back. That is what policing was founded on and that is what it evolved out of. So the former slave catchers or paddy rollers, they were called slave patrols.”

Those old slave patrols, she said, evolved into today’s “patrolmen,” and thus important “because the roots of the police go deep.”

It’s also why she believes in the abolition of police departments.

Abdullah was joined by local activist Cristina Flores of the group “Copwatch,” and host Donna Nicol, Cal State Fullerton women and gender studies professor.