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Yale Admins Consider Replacing ‘Freshman’ With ‘First Year’

Yale Admins Consider Replacing ‘Freshman’ With ‘First Year’

“frustrations” over the gender-specific nature of “freshman.”

Freshman is no good because it contains the word man, you see.

The College Fix reported:

Yale administrators consider replacing ‘freshman’ with gender-neutral term ‘first-year’

Since apparently there is nothing more pressing than stressing over “proper” language, administrators at Yale are pondering eliminating the term “freshman” and replacing it with non-gendered “first-year.”

“I think there comes a time when you want to make sure that the way you’re calling things reflects the values that you have,” said Dean of Student Affairs Camille Lizarríbar, who is “leading the conversation” on the issue.

The Yale Daily News reports Lizarríbar said college officials have been considering the change for some time now, adding that other Ivy League schools have already made the switch.

Yale College Dean Jonathan Holloway said that “for as long as he can remember” students and parents have expressed “frustrations” over the gender-specific nature of “freshman.”

But of course. It’s Yale.


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Are they going to replace the word “woman” as well?

If these precious little flowers can’t handle a word with “man” in it, how will they be able to handle the academic pressures of Yale?

Oh, yeah. “Women’s Studies”.

Since the feminazis prefer to use the word ‘womyn’, why don’t they change it to ‘freshmyn’?

That might offend a few conservatives, but everyone knows their feelings don’t count.

So when they get to orientation, will there be a half-giant with a Cockney accent herding them to be Sorted into their Houses?

“Firs’ years this way!”


Soon they will have to do away with “woman” because “man” is in it. After that other words such as “,amicure or manipulate will have to be banned as well. Then will come the words “manage”, “romance”, and even “maniac”. You will know they are serious when they demand the element “adamantite”and other terms such as “salamander” or “human” are found to be bad. Should we rename our species “huperson beings”?
All of these are demands – oops! that will soon be a forbidden word so how about “enforceable suggest” (which is no more inane than anything else they are suggesting.
All of this effort brigs about two obvious conclusions. The first is that our lives and culture are rich and diverse and what these efforts are doing is to try and eliminate all of those such that we live in a sterile world that in monochromatic wherever you look. The other is the observation that we live in a world of political upset wherever we look, world war chances increasing every day seemingly everywhere, society breaking down all around us, the potential of economic disaster staring us in the eye, crime rates exploding, and so many other important issues occurring every day, and all these people can only think about these nonsensical issues???? Don’t they have a life? Don’t they have other more important things to do? Are they really that self centered, that out of touch with reality, that devoid of any ability to discern trivial from important that issue like this one occupies their thoughts to the extent that they do?
While these precious little buttercups occupy their time at the university with these thoughts instead of delving into the deep philosophical nuances of lesbian dance theory, they are oblivious to the rest of the world that threatens to destroy their entire existence as they know it. Worse still are the news media who give them air time and column inches that ends up justifying their absurd values and concerns. Time to grow up children.

How sophomoric!