Liberal college campuses in a liberal area are seeing a remarkable jump in membership in the College Republicans.

What’s going on?

The Christian Science Monitor reported:

In liberal Boston, College Republicans see club membership triple

Perhaps it was only inevitable that in America’s most Democratic state, Nilo Asgari’s elephant sticker would get her in trouble.

Amid the intense fervor of the 2016 election, the Boston University student was eating lunch when a fellow student spotted the Republican emblem on her phone case and accosted her.

“He came up and started yelling at me,” says Ms. Asgari. “He didn’t know anything about me.”

Like the fact that her parents immigrated to the US from Iran, for example – and that she opposes the Trumpist rhetoric about immigrants and foreigners.

“There are some values that people associate with the Republican Party that can be really offensive to certain groups,” says Asgari. “People assume that just because someone identifies with the Republican Party that they share those views and it’s not necessarily true.”

Confronted with such pushback, conservatives at Boston universities are flocking to College Republican clubs – causing membership to double or even triple. Some of the new members feel inspired by Trump to up their political engagement, but often it is to reaffirm to themselves – as well as others on campus – that there are more strains of conservatism than just Trumpism.