As we wrap-up another eventful year, I wanted to share some favorite posts featuring the many diverse areas I cover as part of Professor Jacobson’s wonderful team of authors.

Infectious Diseases: “Health and Safety Moms” Could Swing 2014 Elections

I was nothing if not optimistic about the election results this November, but the combination of the government’s response to the Ebola epidemic combined with its ignoring a virus spreading among school children that looks as if it can cause paralysis angered mom’s across the country.  The final results, especially with the US Senate, were even better than I had hoped.

Tea Party: Did Carl DeMaio have any choice but to run from Tea Party label in #CA52?

After losing to “filthy” Bob Filner in the San Diego mayor’s race of 2012, Republican Carl DeMaio ran against a Democrat Scott Peters for the 52nd District house seat — and lost.  It could be argued that DeMaio’s distancing himself from grassroots conservatives cost him this close election.  However, it shows Tea Party activists still have some chops — even after we have been declared “dead” on several different occasions.  Underestimate  us at your own peril, especially if you intend to run as a “conservative”.

India: The Indian economy is shaking like a Bollywood dancer

India has the potential to be a real world power and a great regional counter-balance to China.  Perhaps the biggest story from that country in 2014 was the election of  Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had  a pro-capitalism and  pro-Israel platform.  His appearance at a packed Madison Square Garden event in New York City was met with great enthusiasm — the kind President Obama can now only dream of.

Egypt: Egypt’s Gen. al-Sisi wins monumental presidential election victory

I was thrilled to learn that the General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the former Egyptian army chief who deposed the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Mursi, won the country’s presidential election with a margin of victory as large as the Great Pyramid. Could you imagine Mursi trying to arrange for a cease fire between Israel and Hamas? Or what Mursi would have done with the rise of ISIS? As an extra bonus:  Museums will now be safe for Egypt’s national treasures!

California:  My wild ride through wildfires roaring through San Diego County

For a news pundit, nothing beats being part of an unfolding story.  However, this one was a bit too hot for my taste.

2014 was a year of flaming hot news!  Here’s to hoping 2015 brings us some relief.

[Featured image: Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors event at Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel, Los Angeles]