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Indian PM Modi rocks Madison Square Garden

Indian PM Modi rocks Madison Square Garden

Calls for growth and development, removal of obsolete laws, and thanks Indian-Americans.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, recently elected on a pro-capitalism (and btw, pro-Israel) platform, appeared today to a packed Madison Square Garden in New York City.

I watched much of the speech, with English translation, but it was really, really long (full video here), so I only heard parts.  The parts I heard were similar to the economic empowerment and pro-growth policies that you likely would hear from a conservative growth candidate here.

Modi also cheered on the crowd of Indian immigrants, thanking them for raising the profile and pride of India.

Indian PM Modi at Madison Square Garden 9-28-2014 crowd

Here are some highlights gathered by an Indian TV network:

  • India used to be known as a country of snakes and snake charmers
  • It is only because of you (Indian-American community) that we have made such a huge progress
  • If not for you all,there wouldn’t have been an IT revolution
  • You (Indian-American community) have earned a lot of respect in USA through skills and values
  • America is the oldest democracy in the world. India is the biggest democracy in the world.
  • People from around the world have settled in America. People from India have settled across the world.
  • It is our endeavour to make development a people’s movement
  • If the nation has to progress then good governance is essential

This will warm your hearts:

  • The earlier government spoke only of what laws they have made
  • I have begun removing obsolete laws
  • The more laws we get rid of the better it will be for us

Here are some tweets of the event by the Prime Minister and others:

Update 9-29-2014:


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Republican Congressman Joe Walsh was his early supporter but he is the only one who openly recognizes and supports his conservatism among Republicans. Here is an article:

Heh – loved his dig on Obama’s frequent vacations.

I’ve spoken with a lot of Indian computer tech supporters and they are impressively well-trained, well spoken, patient and courteous. The Indian-Americans I know are achievers and very competent in their fields. They make a great contribution to the world wherever they go.

Indians do not commit violence, threats, aggression, entitlement, demands, beheadings, rapes and riots wherever they immigrate, unlike that other group of immigrants that have infested the world.

It’s wonderful to see the explosive improvement in the Indian standard of living since they turned away from the disaster Gandhi left them in his love of socialism.

This guy will keep it going, and millions will live better, longer, healthier lives because of it.

Free markets work. Every time they are allowed to work.

•The earlier government spoke only of what laws they have made
•I have begun removing obsolete laws
•The more laws we get rid of the better it will be for us

Too Conservative for the GOP!

I wonder how his meeting with Putin will go?

“The more laws we get rid of the better it will be for us.”

That’s a pretty careless statement. Zero laws would not be good.