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More media cover-up for Hamas exposed

More media cover-up for Hamas exposed

The truth is coming out, but the lies have traveled hundreds of times around the world.

Slowly, we have seen numerous accounts of how Hamas intimidated foreign journalists into not covering Hamas’ use of facilities such as Shifa Hospital and firing of rockets close to hospitals, apartment buildings, religious compounds and U.N. facilities.

But it has come slowly, and mostly after reporters had left Gaza.

And only after reporters were caught deleting tweets and pulling down stories that exposed the truth.

Even Hamas admits to intimidating and controlling journalists — and brags about it.

The Foreign Press Association also admitted to the intimidation, after the fact.

Now another report, via Elder of Ziyon, from a Dutch journalist (emphasis added):

Since the war started, one population group in Gaza has disappeared from the streets: people in uniform. Army green uniforms, blue-grey uniforms, black uniforms, they were all over the place. From one day to the next they are gone, the men and the few women (of the women police unit) with a weapon or a truncheon in their hands.

They work for Hamas and are targets of Israel, which knows reasonably well who is where via drones in the sky and spies on the ground. So they go into hiding. Only at the Shifa Hospital, the big hospital in Gaza City, are a few sitting in uniform. There, they feel protected from the Israeli bombings. In addition, that is where they monitor the international press to prevent it from doing ‘wrong’ things.

Local camera crews know this, but foreigners do not: Hamas does not want killed or wounded fighters to appear on camera footage. The reasons are twofold. Not giving the enemy Israel PR ammunition, and maintaining high morale among its own population. ‘We suffer no losses’, is the message, ‘we bring a severe blow to Israel’.

“The most casualties are civilians”, says Hamas spokesperson Ihab al Ghoessein, who speaks to the press at the hospital compound about the question how many fighters have died in the war…..

Although the uniforms might have disappeared from the streets, Hamas has not. High-ranking members monitor in civilian clothes. Whoever talks about Hamas critically on the streets is immediately spoken to. Whoever poses a critical question near security men of Hamas, but also far from them, receives the reply: “You cannot ask that question,” or “I do not want to answer that question.” In war no one is allowed to be a traitor.

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Not A Member of Any Organized Political | August 25, 2014 at 10:40 am

Keep up your good work Professor!

Like many many others, I appreciate it!

I’m disgusted with the malignant-narcissist, self-aggrandizing, “holier than thou” MSM and their never ending “witch hunts” of decent Americans.

I’m especially disgusted with their complaisance in this about Hamas. I’m also totally disgusted by the MSM’s total burying and complete silence on the ISIS topic – for the almost 40 days James Foley had been kidnapped. Obviously James Foley did not fit their agenda. Only after James Foley,”journalist,” was beheaded did they start covering it.

What do you expect from such a bunch of tools.

Staging a war! Hamas can’t win the war by conventional means so they have to do the deceitful way. Journalists should refuse to go to cover the Hamas activities.

    More to the point, their boss3es shouldn’t send them, or should withhold the results. They often aren’t happy about the callous attitude of the bosses who send them to dangerous places with no concern for their welfare. I put more blame on the people back in the States.

Media no longer even cares enough to give a show of trying to find the truth. It’s all about reinforcing their existing narratives, nothing more. Ever.

I said this from day one. How can the Israelis answer lies from Hamas when they won’t know the truth until they have a chance to do a decent investigation? Indeed, “a lie is halfway around the world while the truth is getting its boots on”. (See also Fergusson.) I kept on telling people – look at the final figures from the last war. (I should have also mentioned the fantasy reporting in the first Lebanese war, and the tacit agreement of journalists to slant thing for their own protection.)


Thanks to this, Jews are getting attacked all over the world. If the reporters – and more so, the editors and managers – think they are not morally responsible, they have another thing coming.

Meanwhile, a four-year-old boy was killed from a shot coming from a spot next to a Hamas school/shelter. If the Israelis had prevented this, we would have been treated to more pictures of dead Arab children. Instead, we lost one of our own – a successful strike, from the Palestinian Arab viewpoint.

Maybe we need to rethink this over-cautiousness regarding enemy civilians.

Tempting to shove that microphone where the sun don’t shine.