We reported on the Finnish reporter who disclosed that there was rocket fire from just behind Gaza’s main hospital, Hamas hides in, under and around Gaza’s main hospital, and the media covers it up (Video):

Also, a rocket attack was conducted from the “backyard” of the hospital at 2 o’clock in the morning. It (the rocket launch), in fact, happened somewhere close by because the noise right here at the hospital area was really loud. Indeed, these rockets launched here from the Gazan side (of the border) are headed into Israel.

Now, as reported by Sharona Schwartz at The Blaze, the reporter (name Aishi Zidan) has taken to Facebook to complain her words are being used as pro-Israel propaganda. She doesn’t deny, however, the accuracy of her report:

Aishi Zidan Facebook Banner

Don’t use me as your propaganda weapon

I spent a night at the Shifa hospital in Gaza two weeks ago. I was covering the situation in Gaza for my newspaper.

My story was about the Palestinian civilians who were victims of war. My article started with a story of four little boys who were killed on the beach the same day. They were playing on the beach when Israeli army hit them without any clear reason or warning. I interviewed a boy who survived from the attack. The Shifa hospital was full of women and children who were victims of this ugly war. I described their stories in detail.

During the night someone launched a rocket somewhere behind the hospital. Now this sentence from my article is spreading in the pro-Israeli medias. I mentioned this in my article because I’m a professional journalist. I try to cover the events truthfully as I see them and I strongly condemn these kind of actions.

But I find it very disgusting how this one sentence was taken out context to be used as an excuse to target civilians in Gaza. My story became quickly a tool of propaganda. The people sharing this story are not even trying to understand the situation as a whole. They are just looking for excuses to Israeli actions in Gaza.

I refuse to be part of this kind of propaganda.

Her anger at what she sees as being used is odd — she reported a fact which most reporters are covering up.

The anger may reflect that one of her cousins, according to her, was arrested by Israeli authorities (Facebook translation):

Today I cried a job in the bathroom. Actually wanted to scream. My father was called as soon as the morning after the meeting and told the news a summer vacation in the West Bank. 21-year-old cousin Zidan (yes, my cousin’s name is Zidan Zidan) was arrested during the night at three in the. Israeli soldiers had gone to pick him up from his home. They were commanded my uncle, his wife and my cousin in one room, the tail I broke them phones. Then they took Zidanin..

Finnish reporter al-Shifa hospital rocket fire Facebook entry cousin arrested

This is what we are up against when it comes to media reporting. All we want are the facts to come out about what Hamas has done, how it has used human shields, and how you cannot understand the situation without those facts.

Even the few reporters who report these facts end up deleting tweets, pulling down columns, and now, complaining that facts are used for propaganda.


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