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According to reports, the State Department will approve the needed Keystone pipeline permit before Monday. The decision "comes 16 months after Obama blocked construction of the 1,200-mile pipeline." From Politico:
Undersecretary for political affairs Tom Shannon plans to sign the pipeline’s cross-border permit on or before Monday, the last day for the 60-day timeline that President Donald Trump ordered in January. Secretary of State and former Exxon Mobil Chief Executive Rex Tillerson recused himself from the process.

I recently blogged that a whistleblower revealed startling evidence that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency rushed to release a widely-cited paper that exaggerated global warming and was timed to influence the Paris Agreement on climate change. Despite the clear evidence of science fraud, big government bureaucrats are still promoting climate change policy. In fact, a group of long-time Republicans who have held high-level government positions are now promoting a "carbon tax" to address changes in global weather patterns.

President Trump has signed executive orders moving the approval process for the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines forward. This does not ensure approval and construction, but it restarts the processes stopped under the Obama administration under heavy pressure from environmental and left-wing activist groups. Stopping these pipelines was the most cherished of liberal causes, intertwined with climate change and identity politics causes. The Dakota pipeline protests became the white liberal "Burning Man," with virtue signaling reaching new heights. Anti-Israel protesters also tried to hijack the protests.
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