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As detailed extensively in prior posts, Sarah Palin has sued the NY Times for defamation based on an Editorial regarding the 2011 shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. Recent developments have revealed that James Bennet, Editorial Page Editor, was the primary author of the Editorial, working off a draft prepared by a news staffer. I discussed the suit and the motion to dismiss filed by The Times in a prior post, NY Times defense: Palin Crosshairs Editorial Wasn’t Actually About Sarah Palin. Please read the prior post for background and links to pleadings and motion papers.

As detailed extensively in prior posts, Sarah Palin has sued the NY Times for defamation based on an Editorial regarding the 2011 shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. I discussed the suit and the motion to dismiss filed by The Times in a prior post, NY Times defense: Palin Crosshairs Editorial Wasn’t Actually About Sarah Palin. Please read the prior post for background and links to pleadings and motion papers. In an unexpected development, the Authors of NY Times Palin Editorial Ordered To Give Testimony In Court:

Sarah Palin has sued the NY Times for defamation, based on an Editorial regarding Palin's alleged role in instigating the shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. I discussed the suit and the motion to dismiss filed by The Times in a prior post, NY Times defense: Palin Crosshairs Editorial Wasn’t Actually About Sarah Palin. Please read the prior post for background and links to pleadings and motion papers. The Court just issued an unusual order on a motion to dismiss, requiring that the authors of the Editorial (presumably one or more members of the Editorial Board, but perhaps others as well) appear in Court on August 16 to give testimony and to be cross examined as to whether they were aware of prior NY Times articles exonerating Palin from any responsibility.

A firestorm of controversy erupted when the NY Times ran an editorial, after the attempted assassination of Republican congressmen in Virginia, blaming Sarah Palin for the culture of political violence. The Times specifically referenced an electoral map from 2011 which showed what appears to be cross-hairs over Arizona. That map, as we covered at the time, was used to falsely blame Palin for the January 8, 2011 shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and the murder of several people by Jared Loughner. In fact, that connection between the map and the shooting was completely fabricated, and spread by left-wing bloggers and media. There is zero evidence to suggest that Loughner ever saw the map, much less was motivated by it.

Well that was quick. I can't recall as substantial an assassination attempt against one political party as took place Wednesday morning, June 14, 2017. Certainly there have been individual assassinations and shots fired, such as by Puerto Rican nationalists in 1954, but this was a well planned attempt at mass murder directed against one party. Our prayers are with all the victims, particularly Steve Scalise, who remains in critical condition. But for the chance that Capitol Police officers were assigned to protect Scalise because of his House leadership position, we might be burying dozens of people.

"Repeal and replace" has been the GOP mantra since the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare, was signed into law in 2010. Riding the wave of horror and outrage that inspired millions of Americans to rise up and rally, attend town halls, and become involved in the election process, the GOP has enjoyed enormous gains not only at the federal but at the state and local level across the nation.  They all understand how important this moment is to the Republican party, and they all comprehend that they have one chance to get this right. What is not clear is how much they get about the need for substantive changes to those parts of ObamaCare they can tackle with only a simple majority in the Senate.  As the prof noted, they are somewhat restricted in what they can do unilaterally; without a supermajority in the Senate, there are parts of ObamaCare that cannot be "fixed" via budget reconciliation.

President-elect Trump's deal with Carrier to keep a thousand jobs in America is drawing fire from an unexpected source.  Former Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin is slamming the deal as an example of crony capitalism. Writing at Young Conservatives, Palin explains that the government picking winners and losers is always a bad idea, even when "our guy," the good guy does it.  She begins, though, with heartfelt good wishes for the Carrier employees who will be keeping their jobs and having a far better Christmas than they expected.

Still disloyal after all these years . . . Eight years after serving as a Sarah Palin aide, Nicolle Wallace can't stop trashing the woman she was presumably paid to support. On today's Morning Joe, Wallace suggested that if ignorance of foreign policy were an asset, "Sarah Palin would be Vice-President of the United States." Wallace's unworthy remark came in the context of a discussion of Libertarian president candidate Gary Johnson's claim that his own ignorance of foreign policy was an asset, since it makes him less likely to get the country involved in foreign wars.

I know, I know. You just were being patriotic. You just were honoring the fallen and the surviving heroes of the World Trade Center. You had good intentions. You didn't profit from it. Country first! That's what Sarah Palin or whoever runs her Facebook page likely was thinking when, on September 11, 2013, the following image was posted:

Seems like only yesterday I was watching Sarah Palin stump for Ted Cruz in the Texas Senate Runoff race. My how times have changed. Before a huge crowd gathered in the smoldering July heat of The Woodlands, Texas, alongside then Senator Jim DeMint, Palin said:
But the good news is, there is nothing wrong with America that a good ol' fashioned election can't fix. Ted [Cruz] is a proven, common sense, Constitutional conservative. He's a fighter and he will bring new leadership to the United States Senate. He will shrink government, he will be putting it back on the side of the people and he will defend the United States Constitution. Ted Cruz represents the positive change that we need.
In addition to Gov. Palin, Cruz also garnered endorsements from Senator Rand Paul, Senator Pat Toomey, Senator Jim DeMint, RedState, and Sean Hannity in 2012.

It's not every day that you hear people on MSNBC talking about Sarah Palin in a positive way and that's what makes this so much fun. Melissa Harris-Perry and her guests not only agree that Hillary doesn't come across as authentic, they suggest that Sarah Palin does. Jack Coleman of NewsBusters reported:
Gasp! MSNBC Panelist Says Hillary Should Emulate Palin's Authenticity It took nearly seven years, but at long last it's finally been heard -- praise for Sarah Palin on MSNBC. Even better, one of the people praising Palin -- and there were three, count 'em, three libs on the Lean Leftward cable network today doing so -- suggested that flailing Democrat Hillary Clinton could do worse than to look toward Palin as a political model to emulate. The gratifying twofer came on MSNBC's usually cringe-inducing Melissa Harris-Perry show during a panel discussion of authenticity or the lack thereof among politicians.

Some classic cable news was created this weekend when CNN's Jake Tapper asked Sarah Palin what role she thought she could fill in a Donald Trump administration. Palin volunteered for the role of energy secretary but said that she'd close down the department. Even the Washington Post took notice. Vanessa Williams reported:
Sarah Palin would like to be energy secretary — but not for long Sarah Palin thinks she would make a great secretary of the U.S. Energy Department because as a former governor of Alaska she knows a thing or two about "oil and gas and minerals." But she would not stay in the job for long if Republican candidate Donald Trump won the presidency and asked her to serve. The businessman and reality TV show star has said that he would "love" to have Palin in his administration "because she really is somebody that knows what’s happening. And she’s a special person." Palin, during an interview Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union," said: "I think a lot about the Department of Energy, because energy is my baby ... And if I were head of that, I would get rid of it. And I would let the states start having more control over the lands that are within their boundaries and the people who are affected by the developments within their space."

Donald Trump may be at war with the mainstream media, but he seems to have found safe harbor with a smaller, conservative base-oriented network. The One America News Network has about a tenth of the viewership of major mainstream outlets like Fox or CNN, but leading presidential contender Donald Trump made a point to stop by their "On Point" program, guest hosted by Sarah Palin, for ten minutes of conversation on everything from taxes to caring for veterans, and his troubles with the mainstream media. Watch: Seems a little...toned down, no?

A good way to predict the future is to look at the past. Using this approach, I have some predictions about what is likely to happen next in the campaign of my current favorite presidential aspirant: Carly Fiorina. To do so, I will look at what happened to Sarah Palin in the wake of her dynamic speech accepting the GOP nomination for Vice President. Palin's presentation was so energetic and moving that she instantly became a target of smears by progressives across the nation, particularly progressive feminists. Her hair, clothing, accent, and family were demeaned, degraded, and dismissed during the 2008 campaign season, and her humiliation is still not complete (e.g., Jon Stewart deriding the "folksy idioms" used by Palin during the Iowa Freedom Summit). Fiornia just gave a brilliant performance and an amazing introduction to the American let the mocking begin:

Sarah Palin, who also was Governor of Alaska at the time of her nomination for Veep, was excoriated by the mainstream media for her stint as Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, with the argument being that her job only involved overseeing a few departments.  It was less than worthless experience, the meme went. So Julian Castro, Mayor of San Antonio, is being groomed for a potential Veep slot in 2016 through a cabinet appointment, as discussed yesterday, Mayor of San Antonio one heartbeat away from the presidency? I assumed that the position of Mayor of San Antonio was a serious job, like being the Mayor of many other big cities.  While a spot on a presidential ticket for someone who never was more than a Mayor would be unusual, we have had Mayors like Rudy Guiliani make presidential runs. I gave Castro the benefit of the doubt on managerial and policy experience.  I was wrong. It turns out that being Mayor of San Antonio involves no more responsibility than being Mayor of Wasilla, and maybe less. Byron York reports, in a column focused mostly on Castro's big payday from a politically connected trial law firm, that being Mayor of San Antonio is nothing more than a superficial public relations position which pays even less than much-abused adjunct professors get paid:
San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro is widely referred to as a "rising star" in Democratic politics. There's even talk the Mexican-American Castro could earn the vice-presidential spot on the 2016 Democratic ticket in an effort to further strengthen the party's bonds with Hispanic voters. And now, it appears Castro's national profile is about to rise with word that President Obama plans to nominate him to be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. If Castro is tapped for the job, his Senate confirmation hearings will likely shine a spotlight both on his role in San Antonio's government and his way of making a living. San Antonio, the second-largest city in Texas and seventh-largest in the nation, has a council-manager-weak mayor form of government. The manager runs the city. "The office of the city manager serves as the focal point for the executive leadership and direction of the city organization," says the website of San Antonio City Manager Sheryl Sculley. The site says Sculley, in office seven years, has "appointed executive leadership, reorganized city departments, streamlined city business systems, improved customer service and elevated the professionalism of city management." Sculley makes $355,000 a year, one of the highest salaries for a local office in Texas.

Chelsea Clinton has announced she's pregnant. Congratulations. Best wishes for mother and child. It would be perfectly natural for Hillary to show off the grandbaby, particularly if, as expected, she runs for President. I can envision the family, including grandbaby, on stage at the Democratic National Convention in 2016 as Hillary accepts the nomination -- maybe with Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow playing in the background Hillary more than anyone needs humanizing, in what already is a multi-year rebranding project. And Hillary isn't waiting for the arrival to publicly express her joy: Will Hillary be treated like Sarah Palin was back in 2008, when Palin appeared with her own child Trig, and was accused of using him as a prop? From the Legal Insurrection archives:
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