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Nicolle Wallace: If Foreign Policy Ignorance an Asset, ‘Sarah Palin Would be Vice-President’

Nicolle Wallace: If Foreign Policy Ignorance an Asset, ‘Sarah Palin Would be Vice-President’

Still Disloyal After All These Years

Still disloyal after all these years . . . Eight years after serving as a Sarah Palin aide, Nicolle Wallace can’t stop trashing the woman she was presumably paid to support.

On today’s Morning Joe, Wallace suggested that if ignorance of foreign policy were an asset, “Sarah Palin would be Vice-President of the United States.” Wallace’s unworthy remark came in the context of a discussion of Libertarian president candidate Gary Johnson’s claim that his own ignorance of foreign policy was an asset, since it makes him less likely to get the country involved in foreign wars.

The screencap shows Wallace being highly amused by her own poisonous attack on Palin. Very funny.

WILLIE GEIST: Gary Johnson is saying his approach–where he doesn’t know the names of leaders or where Aleppo is–is actually an asset.


WILLIE: Yeah, watch.

GARY JOHNSON: The fact that somebody can dot the Is or cross the Ts on a foreign leader or a geograhpic location then allows them to put our military in harm’s way. It’s because we elect people who can dot the Is and cross the Ts on these names and geographic locations as opposed to the underlying philosophy which is let’s stop getting involved in these regime changes.

JOE: Are you kidding me? You don’t know where Canada is so that makes you a better leader?

NICOLLE WALLACE: Sarah Palin would be the Vice-President of the United States by that standard.



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The Democrats, generally, have some nerve gabbling on about the non-existent GOP “war on women.”

Of course, the Obama administration has not hired as many of them as, for example, the Bush administration did, nor has it paid them at equal rates.

Hillary Clinton, who made a campaign spot urging that female victims of sexual assault “have a right to be believed,” publicly characterized victims of hers husband as “bimbo eruptions.”

The policies of the Obama administration have led to substantial numbers of young families that cannot get by on a single paycheck, so that women with children have no choice but to work away from home, leading to poorer quality nutrition, less sleep, and higher stress generally for young women and their husbands.

How is this not a “war on women?”

I guess if Obama can self-identify as a Christian rather than a Muslim, Nicole Wallace can self-identify as a “Republican”.

Nicole Wallace has two brains, ones lost, the other one is looking. If she really had one she would have a much better job.

I just love those people who have that big, broad smile while they’re stabbing you in the back.

One usually has to go to a bowling alley to find a woman with the attributes exhibited by Nicole!

During one of her interviews I wish someone would say “you know it’s only in MSM where a bwitch can talk badly about a previous employer and still work. In any other sector, doing that would mean you would never find a job.”

JoeThePimpernel | October 5, 2016 at 12:55 pm

Nicolle is one of those bleached-blonde bimbos who things a Tina Fey quote is the same thing as a Sarah Palin quote.

This ho’ has always been a tool of the Democrats. Wallace authorized $125k on Palin’s wardrobe in 2008 and let Palin take the blame for it.

The sad thing is that literally knowing nothing at all about foreign policy would be a huge step up from our current leadership.

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

Those who knew for sure that all that was needed with Russia was a reset button and a friendlier policy, who knew for sure that Iran would be our friend if we were just willing to sit down and talk with them, who knew for sure that pulling our troops out of Iraq wouldn’t create chaos or a power vacuum, that removing Khadaffi would make Libya a democratic paradise, that the Arab Spring would usher in a new era of freedom and prosperity, and that we should give weapons to the Syrian rebels and ignore the Iranian ones…

And apparently Tim Kaine thinks that Hillary Clinton’s “accomplishments” in the Middle East are something to brag about.

Foreign policy “ignorance” doesn’t sound so bad right now…