Donald Trump may be at war with the mainstream media, but he seems to have found safe harbor with a smaller, conservative base-oriented network.

The One America News Network has about a tenth of the viewership of major mainstream outlets like Fox or CNN, but leading presidential contender Donald Trump made a point to stop by their “On Point” program, guest hosted by Sarah Palin, for ten minutes of conversation on everything from taxes to caring for veterans, and his troubles with the mainstream media.


Seems a little…toned down, no?

But unlike Trump’s frequent public appearances, he was rather reserved in his responses to Palin’s questions.

Was the media playing a “gotcha” game in their questioning of the real estate mogul?

“I don’t know,” Trump told Palin.

Did he have any new insults to hurl at the media for the coverage of his spat with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos earlier this week?

No, Trump said. “The press was pretty good to me.”

Why has he been so successful as a presidential candidate?

“I’m having a lot of fun,” Trump said.

Other than an obligatory shot at Jorge Ramos—who earned it—Trump was remarkably low-key during the interview. Have we finally seen what happens when Donald Trump is confronted with a 100% friendly interviewer?

The Palin interview was by all accounts a softball; but then again, the network’s audience leans right, and maybe there’s value in landing an easy ten minutes with nothing to do but gain more exposure and build even more goodwill.


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