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Now that the Mueller report has gone out and the Russia narrative has completely collapsed, one thing is immediately clear. The cable news hosts, so-called experts, columnists, and analysts who have been pushing the hoax for over two years are not happy.

Attorney General William Barr held a news conference this morning and Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report came out. Both sent the left and mainstream media into a downward spiral to find anything to fit their two year narrative.

That didn't take long! At his press conference, one reporter asked Attorney General William Barr if he would allow Special Counsel Robert Mueller to testify in front of Congress. Mueller is still an employee with the Department of Justice. Barr said he has no objections. Almost immediately, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler tweeted out a letter to Mueller.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has come out to bat for his boss Attorney General William Barr, who has faced criticism from people that he's trying to mislead people on Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report. One thing that has annoyed me for awhile is the fact that people have called the four page summary "Barr's summary" when Rosenstein helped draft it.

Attorney General William Barr began his testimony this morning in front of the House appropriations committee to discuss the Justice Department's budget and priorities, but Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report has come up. Barr told the members he asked Mueller if he wanted to review the four page summary, but declined. He also promised a redacted version within a week.

After Russiagate came crashing down, Trump's re-election campaign is targeting six high profile Democrats who, they claim, “made outlandish, false claims, without evidence." Six Democrats were mentioned in a memo sent by the re-election campaign to networks: Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Rep. Jerry Nadler, Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Eric Swalwell, DNC Chair Tom Perez,  and John Brennan, former CIA director.

Yesterday it was all about the Mueller report and the Barr letter. Today the news and commentary seems to be focusing more on the press itself: will the MSM ever own up to the magnitude of their mistake/lies (I very much doubt it)? How much has their coverage of Russiagate damaged their reputation, and with whom? And do they even recognize how much this has damaged their reputation? What will their next move be?

I touched on this a little in my morning post, but I need to expand it. It's scary that Democrats, who hyped collusion between President Donald Trump and Russia, will not accept these results. I noticed the Democrats forget to mention Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who has a rocky relationship with President Donald Trump, helped draft the four-page summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report. Instead the Democrats concentrate of Attorney General William Barr. They should not hide this detail, but makes it easier for them to spread more conspiracy theories.

I wonder how much CNN's Jim Acosta hurt when he tweeted out that an adviser to President Donald Trump said that the media can expect him to "slam and shame the media" over Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report. The adviser also said that the findings are "like Geraldo Rivera and Al Capone's vault all over again." Thing is, some in the media and Democrats cannot accept the fact that Mueller found no collusion between Trump and Russia or obstruction of Justice.