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On your mark. Get set. Mueller Report!

On your mark. Get set. Mueller Report!

The mainstream media headlines are already written: BREAKING — MUELLER REPORT REVEALS KEY DETAILS LEFT OUT OF BARR SUMMARY

Thursday is going to be a total s–tshow.

The redacted Mueller Report is going to be released in the morning.

Remember all those reporters and Dems who were furious that Attorney General Bill Barr was able to draft a four-page summary of the Report’s conclusions in just two days. (He received the report on March 22, and released the summary on March 24, 2019)

Guess how long it is going to take those reporters and Democrats to issue a summary of the 400-page findings (not just conclusions)? Two minutes.

It’s going to be like the day the first Obamacare decision was released, with people carrying copies running to the cameras to get the first take on air.

And they will get it wrong.

I may be too generous in thinking they will wait two minutes. We all know that the articles already are drafted, in multiple versions, most of which focus on this hot take:


Well of course, by definition a four-page summary of conclusions leaves out details from a 400-page report. That’s why it’s called a summary.

Here’s another pre-written hot take:


Well of course. You know what else feeds Democrat calls for an impeachment investigation? The sun rising and setting.


The law requires that certain information be redacted. Barr has announced it will be redacted in conjunction with a review by Mueller. The redaction of the document is not news.


Demanding something they know they cannot get will keep the issue alive, and allow conspiracy theories to flourish.


We know that. Barr mentioned Mueller’s non-conclusion when Barr also announced that he and Rod Rosenstein concluded there was no obstruction of justice:

After making a “thorough factual investigation” into these matters, the Special Counsel considered whether to evaluate the conduct under Department standards governing prosecution and declination decisions but ultimately determined not to make a traditional prosecutorial judgment. The Special Counsel therefore did not draw a conclusion – one way or the other – as to whether the examined conduct constituted obstruction. Instead, for each of the relevant actions investigated, the report sets out evidence on both sides of the question and leaves unresolved what the Special Counsel views as “difficult issues” of law and fact concerning whether the President’s actions and intent could be viewed as obstruction . . The Special Counsel states that “while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

I could go on and on. It’s all so predictable.

You know what the media will treat as non-news when the report is released? Mueller concluding:

“[T]he investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

Of course, we will cover the release of the report on Thursday morning. But we promise to be more patient in our analysis. We will take at least 5 minutes.


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Nevertheless, I got real tired real quick of Trump proclaiming complete exoneration. Silly.

    Close The Fed in reply to Rab. | April 15, 2019 at 10:06 pm

    Okay, who is this clown who first posted? Never heard of him.

    MrE in reply to Rab. | April 15, 2019 at 10:14 pm

    How long did it take for you to tire of the MSM proclaiming Trump’s guilt these past 2 years? Silly indeed.

    Max17 in reply to Rab. | April 15, 2019 at 10:49 pm

    I got a kick out of the ‘complete exoneration’ claim, because it shoves the whole idea of ‘proven innocence’ back in the faces of charlatans like you and Bob Mueller.
    We don’t have to prove we’re innocent of charges, because it’s impossible to prove we didn’t do something. Especially when the charge covers such a broad time period as a presidential election.
    As an example, I challenge you to prove you took a break from your favorite pastime, molesting prepubescent boys, while the presidential campaign was taking place. Call Mueller. Maybe he can help with the evidence.

    tom_swift in reply to Rab. | April 16, 2019 at 12:40 am

    I got real tired real quick of Trump proclaiming complete exoneration.

    What, he should have delegated it to someone else?

    Barry in reply to Rab. | April 16, 2019 at 1:06 am


    Is that a synonym for dumber than horse doo doo?

    What does it mean when a federally funded group of commie partisan hacks with the resources of the FBI and DOJ do a two year investigation to find dirt on a president and fail?

    It means he’s the cleanest person in DC. He’s so clean they can’t even make something up.

    rdm in reply to Rab. | April 16, 2019 at 7:35 am

    That is what one does when the evidence shows you are not in fact guilty.

Every real American should be glad that Mueller concluded that their was no collusion, and that Barr/Rosenstein concluded that there was no obstruction. Aren’t you?

How did it happen that Rosencrook is suddenly one of the good guys?

“while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him”

What does this even mean? If the President didn’t commit a crime, why would he require exoneration?

    Edward in reply to randian. | April 15, 2019 at 11:34 pm

    Logic isn’t a big thing with the Socialist-Democrats. This was the best Weissmann could do with what he had to work with (no evidence and nobody willing to perjure for cash).

      Edward in reply to Edward. | April 15, 2019 at 11:35 pm

      Forgot please add to the last sentence – or a get out of jail card for him/herself or family member.

One thing to keep in your minds is that Trump NEVER colluded with the Russians! Think about that when you remember all of his “Witch hunt” remarks. He was innocent but found guilty EVERY single day by the msm and the Dims. Now that he has been investigated and found to have NOT colluded with anyone, the Dims will never except this and we can expect them to demand every single redaction be removed. Of course, they won’t be and that will give the weak minded a straw to hang onto. They are so stupid that they will take this to the 2020 election and watch their party collapse.

The Mueller Report contains only allegations and the supporting evidence, none of which have been weighed, accessed and tested for the truth.

The only things in the Mueller report that should be exposed is indictments.

I would wager the failure to provide “exoneration” on the obstruction of justice issue was due to the absence of any real information proving it while a certain group of die hard rabid anti-Trump members of his investigation demanded prosecution. I would bet these rabid anti-Trump members saw “evidence” where none existed and to placate the entire team Mueller made the decision to make no decision or call one way or the other.

Mueller did in the report on obstruction what Mueller did on Hillary, only in reverse. He lined up all the reasons why Trump was not guilty but then refused to take the final step.

BREAKING – Republicans Pounce on Lack of New Incriminating Details in Mueller Report.

As far back as November, 2015, Trump worried the Establishment. He was garnering immense popularity among a very large segment of the voting public. This is when plans to surveil the campaign began. By May of 2016, the FBI had already allowed non-government contractors access to NSA intercepts. It is likely that these intercepts involved members of the Trump campaign and family. Brennan and Clapper were already running their modified honey pot operation against Page and Papadapolous overseas, using CIA/FBI and foreign intelligence assets. The FBI was already dealing with informants, or agents, within the Trump campaign. And, Fusion GPS was laundering its anti-Trump dossier through Christopher Steele so that it would be useful to the FBI. In May, 2016, Brennan provided the electronic communication to the FBI, which allowed that agency to open a “counter intelligence” operation against the Trump campaign. In June of 2016, the FBI engaged in its first attempt to provide cover for itself, and other agencies, for the unauthorized [illegal] surveillance of the Trump campaign by applying for a FISA warrant, which failed. However, their second try, using the misrepresented Steele Dossier, was successful. Thus was the Trump-Russia collusion narrative, instituted for the sole purpose of providing cover for those involved in illegal surveillance of he Trump campaign in late 2015 and early 2016, activated. The FBI/DOJ, the CIA, the NSA and the rest of the intelligence community knew there was no Trump-Russia collusion, because they had been actively surveilling the campaign for months. That was how they developed the information concerning “signal traffic” between servers in Trump Tower and a Russian financial institution, which they used to attempt to justify the first FISA warrant. When Trump was elected, the upper echelons of the Obama Administration were exposed to legal, perhaps criminal, repercussions for their actions. So, the whole convoluted Russian Collusion narrative was continued and ramped up. Charges of obstruction of justice were thrown in, to protect the primary gatekeeper, Comey. When Comey was removed, a new gatekeeper had to be put into place and that was Rosenstein. To continue to provide cover, the Mueller investigation was started. This allowed pressure to be placed upon Trump, et al, as well as to allow Rosenstein to refuse to divulge information, damaging to those at risk, to Congress. This explains where we are today.

The members of the US government, who participated in the improper and illegal actions against the trump Campaign and Trump himself, are still at risk. This include the previous POTUS, Barack Obama. Remember, Stzrok texted Page that the POTUS wanted to know everything that was being done, vis-a-vis the Trump Campaign. If this revelation had been made concerning a Republican President, it would have triggered Watergate Redux. But, it was roundly ignored by the media, with a couple of exceptions, who did not really explore it in any depth. So, the cover-up has to continue. And, that cover-up includes, as it always has, almost all of the MSM. And the Establishment will go along with it, because Trump populism is an existential threat to its interests, including government control.

Though this sounds like a fictional intrigue novel, it is lent increasing credence as more information is uncovered. And, the actions of Republican members of Congress, in conjunction with the appointment of Barr as AG, is making it necessary to apply even more pressure to the Trump Administration.

    murkyv in reply to Mac45. | April 16, 2019 at 1:14 pm

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the spying didn’t start the day after Trump questioned the Birth Certificate.

    Starting in the IRS

      janitor in reply to murkyv. | April 17, 2019 at 1:37 pm

      Obama spied repeatedly on his political enemies all over the place, going way back, once he put his henchmen into place, whichhe easily did because Dems controlled the Senate 2009-10.

      That included journalists, and all the Republican candidates in 2012 as well as 2016. In addition to, e.g. weaponizing IRS.

      Yes, of course it ramped up on Trump, with increasin stages: 2015, then 2016 after convention, then after Trump won. It continued on whatever pretexts they could seize upon and pretend to conduct “by the book” because the rats at this point were panicking that all their misfeasances, malfeasances, and outright crimes (including but hardly limited to the spying) would come out.

      The only thing that will stop this atrocity at this point would be some indictments, starting with the little people and working up.

Geoffrey Britain | April 16, 2019 at 5:33 pm

“the Special Counsel considered whether to evaluate the conduct under Department standards governing prosecution and declination decisions but ultimately determined not to make a traditional prosecutorial judgment. The Special Counsel therefore did not draw a conclusion – one way or the other – as to whether the examined conduct constituted obstruction.”

Translation: if we did evaluate Trump’s conduct under Department standards governing prosecution and declination decisions… we would have to conclude that the only determination possible is a finding of not guilty. So to avoid that, we will not draw any conclusion because the only conclusion we are in favor of is guilty as charged. But as there are no charges… we’ll pretend we voted “present”.

I made of reading a few links off Drudge about this. In summary:

1. Federal Judge thinks Barr messed up releasing summary statement.
2. Ex and current White House people are afraid that information testified might cause Trump to take revenge on them.

Talk about desperate. That is the best they can do. They sound like a bunch of little kids.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | April 16, 2019 at 10:17 pm

Behind the Obama administration’s shady plan to spy on the Trump campaign

By Andrew C. McCarthy

April 15, 2019

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | April 17, 2019 at 10:02 am

Hmmmmmmmmm………. From the Last Refuge

Rohrabacher recounted his conversation with Assange to The Hill.

“Our three-hour meeting covered a wide array of issues, including the WikiLeaks exposure of the DNC [Democratic National Committee] emails during last year’s presidential election,” Rohrabacher said, “Julian emphatically stated that the Russians were not involved in the hacking or disclosure of those emails.”

Pressed for more detail on the source of the documents, Rohrabacher said he had information to share privately with President Trump. (read more)

It would appear the FBI took keen interest after this August 2017 meeting and gathered specific evidence for a grand jury by December 2017. Then the DOJ sat on the indictment (sealed in March 2018) while the Mueller probe was ongoing; until April 11th, 2019, when a coordinated effort between the U.K. and U.S. was launched. Assange was arrested, and the indictment was unsealed (link).

To me, as a person who has researched this three year fiasco; including the ridiculously false 2016 Russian hacking/interference narrative: “17 intelligence agencies”, JAR report (needed for Obama in December ’16), and political ICA (January ’17); this looks like a Deep State move to control Julian Assange because the Mueller report is dependent on Russia cybercrimes…. AND that narrative is contingent on the Russia DNC hack story:

It’s been reported that one of the considerations of ‘obstruction’ is Trump’s tweeting calling the investigation a witch hunt.

That’s not going to fly. You don’t lose your free speech rights when under investigation (though legally it might not be wise to use them).

And when you’re being attacked in the press you have the right to defend yourself with the press. No one is going to consider that obstruction.